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Here is a list of the WordPress plugins we have developed: The Genesis Simple Edits is the first plugin I install when I use a Genesis child theme. Are you looking for WordPress plugins that have been developed especially for the Genesis Framework? Find out how to use some of the popular widgets and plugins for Genesis. Genesis has been my go-to wordpress child theme for five reasons.

Popular plugins for the WordPress Genesis Framework 2017

I have been a satisfied StudioPress client for many years - and the core of all StudioPress WordPress creations is the extremely well-loved Genesis Frame.... The Genesis is an effective tool that follows a minimum set of functions and choices. For this reason, it lacks a great deal of functionalities that other WordPress-frames provide, but that was of course the case in terms of how it was designed.

Like other WordPress calendars, Genesis doesn't have an inflated preference pane, but there are occasions when I wish I could make certain changes in the option pane instead of having to use my own features. Fortunately, there are many Genesis plugins, both formal and third-party, that enhance the features of the Genesis platform.

I would like to tell you in this review what I think are the best Genesis plugins. The Genesis Simple Edits is the first plug-in I ever installed when I use a Genesis children's topic. When you only need to adjust your text in the bottom line, you should consider Genesis Customfooter instead.

Unfortunately, the Genesis web site does not contain an ability to change the favoricon of the web site. I suggest you install Genesis Favoricon Uploader if you want to install this feature for your client. There are many more customization choices with Genesis Simple Customizations than with Genesis Simple Edits. This allows you to simply delete the Genesis Favoricon picture, postal information, postal meti, footing text and editorial links.

It also allows you to modify the location of presented pictures and categories description, and you can adjust the text of several boxes. The Genesis is known for the number of hook it has. Those hook allow Genesis creators and Genesis end users to simply add contents to certain areas of their website.

When you are not sure where these hook are placed, I suggest you install the Genesis Visual Hook Guide. This plug-in displays an overlays on your web site web page web page that marks the areas to which the checkmarks apply. It is the most convenient way to see the position of the Genesis hook. With Genesis Simple Hook you can simply insert simple codes into any area of your website.

The only thing you need to do is type your HTML, short or PHP coding into one of the many Genesis hook available. It is very easy to use - and also very efficient. The Genesis Design Palette Pro is such a useful plug-in that StudioPress has decided to advertise it on their website.

This allows you to manipulate every facet of your website without having to bother with every piece of coding. All I don't like about Genesis Designer Palette Pro is that it's not part of the Genesis Frameworks itself! It sells at $49 for a standalone licence, $89 for five sites and $199 for 50 site licences.

So if you decide to change your website with the WordPress Customizing tool, you should try Genesis Super Customizing. With more than 100 customizations, it is by far one of the most versatile Genesis implementations. When Genesis Super Customizing is enabled, you can change any item in your website theme.

The Genesis Extender is a powerful plug-in designed for Genesis engineers. They can also include user-defined styles, JavaScript, templates, features, widgets, hookboxes, and much more. The Genesis Extender sells at $49 for one site, $89 for three sites, and $149 for unrestricted use.

You can use Genesis Layout Extras to change the standard layout of your home page, articles and pages, category, archive, author pages, 404 errors, attachments, search results page, and more. Support user-defined mail type added by Genesis Kind themmes and plugins such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and more.

It' hard to categorize Genesis Club Pro because it does so many things. Add 25 functions to your website, including movie land pages, a headers alert panel, a favoricon uploader, autor signature, an icon control, and more. The Genesis Club Pro costs $57 for a standalone licence, $97 for a multi-user licence and $197 for a development licence.

You know for sure that there are a lot of plugins for WordPress that can be used with the Genesis plug-in. But you can consider a socially responsible online community share that has been specifically developed for Genesis people. The Genesis Simple Share is one such feature.

It' a basic plug-in, but I really enjoy its neat, polished, professional look. Genesis Easy Share was developed by StudioPress and can easily include a small or middle sized community resource or large community resource box into your website. Other two plugins you might want to consider are StudioPress's Easy Icons and the Genesis Optimized Mobile Loader.

Genesis' widespread use means that there are a lot of plugins that have been developed specifically for the Genesis tool. This plugins help you to expand the browsing and make it easy for your users and searching machines to find your contents. Simple Genesis Menus - A useful plug-in that lets you add a WordPress meal per posting, per page, per day, or per categorie to the Genesis side menus.

Genetic Title Toggle - Allows you to deactivate tracks on certain pages. The Genesis grating - Can be used to view files in a grating. Enables you to deactivate spreadcrumbs on certain postings and pages. Very useful if you want to apply Genesis to your Genesis plugins such as All in One or WordPress Search.

The Genesis Simple Bars - An simple way to easily create new Bars on your Genesis-based website. Helpful style plugins that help you modify the look of your website. Genetic Style Trump - Forces the Genetic Style Sheet to be loaded later. Printstyle Plus - Inserts a print-ready style sheet into your website.

The Genesis Easy Page Section - An easy way to design parts of your page across the entire width of the page. The Genesis response slider provides a fast, fun and elegant slide control that has been specially developed for Genesis. Easy User Defined CSS Enables you to simply insert user defined style sheets into your website. It is not a plug-in developed specifically for the Genesis Framework, but it does complement Genesis well.

This is a set of Widget's developed for sites that use the Genesis Framework. Genetic Sandbox Featured Content widget - Add Genetic Sandbox feature content assistance for user-defined mail and taxonomy items. Genetic Tabs - Displays a widescreen tabs panel that displays blogs and their pictures. Genesis WP Pack - Helps you advertise Genesis in your side bar.

Genetic author Pro - Lets you include a books in your Genetic authoring site. There are a number of plugins available to help you enhance certain StudioPress kid topics, such as Genesis Prose Extras and AgentPress Listings. A number of plugins are also available to help incorporate Genesis into WordPress plugins.

This includes Genesis Connect for BuddyPress, bbPress Genesis Extend, Genesis Connect for easy digital downloads, and Genesis Connect for WooCommerce. For the latest Genesis release, please have a look at the Genesis Beta Tester and download Genesis Translations if you want to compile your Genesis website.

Hopefully you have taken this look at what I think are the best Genesis plugins ever published - a choice that will hopefully help you open your eye to what can be done with this amazing lightweight platform! What is your favourite Genesis plug-in?

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