Genesys Framework Overview

Overview of Genesys Framework

At Genesys, we sell customer satisfaction and call center technology to midsize and large companies. The following is a reference overview of the MBSE process. configurational layer provides the following features: Centrally centralised provisioning information handling and repository for one-time input of information about contract centre entity that requires any number of application to operate in a specific commercial area. A sophisticated provisioning tool that allows an application to view its configurations at start-up and receive information about upgrades at running without interrupting it.

Extensive data-integrated controller features that eliminate the need to enter unlogical configurations that can lead to malfunctions of the circuit. Enhanced recovery managment that makes sure your application has up-to-date information after it reconnects to the Config Server. Acces controls to govern users' accessing of solutions features and information on the basis of specified permissions for each element.

Assistants that help the user through the automatic resolution delivery proces. Integrate with remote datasources from which you can bring your configurations into the database. Imports and exports configurations to and from the database. Safe datatransfer between Genesys devices using the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.

This is in the config layer: The Genesys Administrator, part of the Genesys UI layer, provides an easy-to-use GUI for tampering with contacts centre config information used by appliances and configuring users rights for appliance features and information. This database saves all configurations. Don't ever append, remove, or change anything in the database except through Geneva s-developed apps or apps powered by the Geneva s-Config Server App Program Interfaces (API).

When you have urgent reason to directly access the Genesys databases, please contact Genesys Customer Service before doing so. Providing Genesys Administrator Extension solutions with provisioning capabilities automatically deploys and updates. Solutionspecific file integration also takes over this function. Conversion Wizard (CCW) (not shown in the diagram) provides an easy-to-use GUI for migration of Genesys configurations to the latest file formats.

Data base migrations are an option, but necessary if you want to take full benefit of the latest Management Framework capabilities. Beginning with version 8.1.3, it is also possible for users of CCW to move the configuration data base to a multilingual UTF-8 file using UTF-8 and to move a single-tenant configuration data base prior to version 8.5.1 to an 8.5.1 configuration data base.

For more information about the CCW, see the Framework Migration Guide.

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