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Ingenious Wordpress theme

I am Genius, a free portfolio theme for WordPress. Genius VG - Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme by IWebSolutions The VG Genius is a premium WP theme for the creation of high-performance eCommerce shops. The VG Genius for WordPress is an eCommerce-enabled multi-purpose theme for setting up and constructing any type of on-line shop you can imagine. Optimized for on-line sales, it is based on e-commerce, which makes it easy to expand the base functionalities with WooCommerce enhancements and shortcuts.

It has been created to look great on all of today's advanced computing equipment, as well as laptop PCs, spreadsheets, smartphones, laptop PCs and, of course, desktops. Completely compliant with WordPress 4.8.2 and WooCommerce 3.2.3 or higher. Fast view of products, comparison of products and Ajax wish list optimised. The VG Genius comes bundled with a free Children Theme Set up, so you can easily update your VG Genius software in the near term.

Just load a zipped archive into your hosted application and launch the update of the theme to customize it to your needs. Get up and running quickly and effortlessly with our Fast Launch Kit, which contains all the contents you can see on our demo pages. Fast view of products, comparison of products and Ajax wish list finished!

The Mobile logo is always displayed on the screen. Incorrect minimum carriage indicator when moving. - bug fixed: The picture on a individual page is not displayed in RTL.

WP-Genie: WordPress Premier Topic

We' re going beyond the call of duty and working around the clock to give you the extra assistance you need to fully comprehend what it needs to make a great website.... One of the most important factors in the choice of a topic is your choice of your own topic. Create your website and immediately increase your web visibility with our SEO-enabled designs.

Our stunning packs give you a set of customized preferences so you can make your website look and feel truly pro and match. In addition to the user-defined preferences and tooling, you get a host of layouts as well. That means you can toggle between two, three and even four different choices in some of the topics.

LATEST VERSION: LAST UPDATE: RELEASE DATE: USEFUL LINKS: That means you can change the designs as you like and use them on more than one website. May I use the theme on pages? You cannot use our topics on pages because they do not allow external topics.

May I use the theme on more than one page? Yes, you can use the design on any number of pages. May I use this topic forever without making extra payment? Actively. Regardless of whether you keep your subscription alive or not, you can use the theme(s) as long as you like.

This topic is compliant with the latest WordPress release? At all times, we make sure that our available theme is always compliant with the latest WordPress release. Do all WordPress plug-ins work with this theme? The most WP plugs work well with our designs. However, there are literally thousand of plug-ins, and there is no way to be sure that they all work correctly with our designs.

May I change this topic and/or delete the bottom line link? Yes, you can change the design as you like. Could I get the topic translated? Yes, we have a . pos database which you can use to convert the topic into your preferred languages. Does this topic include searchengine optimization (SEO)?

Therefore, our topics are geared towards maximal exposure to searching engines. It is also recommended to use one of the many available WordPress spool plug-ins (e.g. WordPress SEO) to further improve the website accessibility in your web-shop. Can I easily create my own design for the theme?

Just use the WordPress Dashboard to load your company name, your company name, your company name, etc. and then paste the filename to the Theme Settings page in your WordPress dashboard. Are you offering assistance for your topics? There is an ongoing technical discussion board where you can find instructions on how to use the topics and how to make any changes you may want to make.

The designs have a built-in design setting page that allows you to make changes quickly and simply. If you continue to use the website without modifying your preferences, however, you agree to the use of Cookies.

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