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George's Cream Reviews. By the time the friendly George's Cream staff approached me to try two of his produce, Miss Q had just had another attack of sick fever from sick fever. And I didn't want those ugly flocks hanging around her scalp just for an experimentation with a new ingredient - so I used the cream again.

When George`s Cream got here, there was no such thing as a weighing hat. There'?s a genuine George. On noticing a hole in the abundant moisturising cream industry, a dermologist asked George to develop one. And apparently George went to the food processor. There he began to mix preparations and eventually produced both George's Special Dry Dry Skin Cream and Special Light moisturising lotion.

Complete George`s Cream suites from Alberta, Canada. Having confirmed that the product does not contain Natriumbenzoat - a cancer agent used in many medium to high quality babies product, many of which are marketed as "natural" - I used George's Special Light Lotion on The K Man and Miss Q after bathing instead of their normal moisturiser and on my face instead of my normal moisturiser.

I' ll just say this about my feet: they're so arid that they have constant tears where they crack; it's a year-round issue for me. I' ve tried $2 items from special offer boxes at the food retailer to $50 special leg lotions - all in the name of smoothening these damn tears.

I' ve never - and I mean never - got a cream cake literaly over night. That was the case with George's Special Dry Skin Cream; I put it on my legs (and didn't put on stockings; I wanted to see how well it would work without catching the moisture), went to bed and awoke with the legs of a kid who was never barefoot. What I did was to put it on my legs (and not put on stockings; I wanted to see how well it would work without catching the moisture).

George and his Light Special Moisturizing Lotion has done a good job of making my baby's skins look like a newborn. I will probably keep using them as my own face care - avoid my eyes...more on that in a second - until I find an all-natural substitute for my California Calendula Cream, which has almost disappeared (as I said earlier, I won't be using California Calendula Care anymore because they've modified their contents and won't be open to clients for a long time).

Contrary to many other facial care treatments, my face does not respond badly when I use it as part of my regular routines. None of the two crèmes contains carbamide, lanoline or parabene. They are also fragrance-free, and delicate infants and children can often respond to this in the form of dermal preparations. They' re cremy - not oily.

But George doesn't test on beasts. The second most important mineral oil after bottled mineral oil in both George's crèmes is oil and gasoline. Oil, while regarded as incredibly secure (with the exception of some important on-going issues to investigate its security in low density, long life infants), is not a sustainable source. It is important for many environmentally aware children to use oil-free foods; these are two of many that are not.

I am (currently) not as strongly against it as I am against natrium biobenzoate, but it is on my observation chart. Due to the unfamiliar side effect on children's eye (apparently under seven years of age is most at risk), I would not place either cream near your child's eye. Phenoxyethanol - another component of George's two cream products, which is mainly intended to substitute the use of parabenes - does not win a heart in the verdant realm either.

It goes along the way with cleanness dedicated items, but it is still present in many makes that you probably know and like. As I move towards nature for myself, I don't loose my sleeping comfort if I put something on my face or my bod that contains a few dubious substances.

I' m interested in truly genuine brand names that do not use controversial substances (admittedly becoming harder to do). I would probably turn to a purely naturally occurring product such as Nature's AIDS before using a cream like George's if Miss Q could manage to get sunburnt in spite of her SPF protective agent.

But for my pathetically raw paws, I might just be George's companion. If your baby is generally susceptible to cream, please perform a test to check the presence of a creamatch.

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