Get a Wordpress website

Creating a Wordpress Website

Now you can sign up for a free account and get a fully functional website. Four things you should never use for (and four things you should)

First, I want to clarify the confusing relationship between and WorldPress is WordPress right? However, they belong to Automattic, both help humans in building sites and Blogs, but there are some very important distinctions between them. First, there is - the organisation that offers you a free, open sourced, downloaded copy of the WordPress application.

Some selected hosters and controls also provide simple one-click WordPress installations. The WordPress service works with some dedicated hosters, which are mentioned here. But if you are installing it yourself, it means that you and your host are in charge of your WordPress setup. This also means that you have to perform your own backup, safety update and all necessary up-grades.

And then there is - the business unit that makes the WordPress application available to you as a ready-to-use tool immediately after unpacking. So instead of having it installed on your own website, just log in to and begin your blogs. And takes care of all your backup, safety and upgrade work for you. is free, but provides free access to WordPress for $36 or more per year. These are some of the greatest revelations I've experienced while working with

Try WordPress before purchasing web site hosting for your site

Can I try WordPress before logging in to a site? I just worry that I have to register and then find out that WordPress is not for me. In contrast to website building sevices like Weebly or Squarespace or even e-commerce plattforms like Shopify or Bigcommerce there is no true "free trial" for self-hosted WordPress.

Regardless of how many set-up instructions you are reading or watching how-to video, there is nothing like playing around with softwares to see if it "makes sense" for you. You have 3 ways to try WordPress before you actually buy web hosting. is the business part of the WordPress application.

But the only drawback is that it is a very restricted edition of the WordPress application. Indeed, now that allows some third-party plug-ins, you can get a good idea of whether you like the WordPress user interface with or not. I' ve written a manual about the difference between and here.

A further viable solution is to examine an existing WordPress application on a publically available web site. So there are some hosters & WordPress plug-in businesses that offer this one. Also, due to other user you seldom get a really empty setup. Installing is done in a fortnight - but until then you can look around and try a WordPress host version just like on a web host.

Please click here to build your free WordPress installation box. Find out more about how the installation works here. They can see how you post, how you plug in, etc. - it's the same piece of code you would be installing on your own hosting. It' a little more complex, but just so you know it's out there - you can get a copy of WordPress on your own computer and start installing it with your computer configured as a computer running a web site.

Here is how to do it under Windows with PHP ease (or set up WAMP and then have WordPress installed). Each of the set-ups creates a PHP/MySQL based web site (the WordPress data base language). WordPress is then installed on your "server" and accessed with your webbrowser. One better way to do this would be to have WAMP installed on Windows (i.e. a locally running Apache, MySQL, PHP server)...and then to have WordPress installed.

Here is a guideline. Desktopserver is also a really good free medium piece of sofware that makes the Mac & Windows experience really simple. All will work on your computer - plug-ins, themes, everything - because you have an up-to-date serverscape on your desktops. It' a little complicated, but that's something you can do to really research the softwares before you buy hosting.

So if you're planning to do a great deal with the whole thing, something like Desktop Server is starting to work. If you want to become more complicated, you can also test WordPress for free in the Google Cloud. Even WordPress has no tons of try before you commit option, but they are out there.

And the last thing I would say is that you can take full benefit of the rebate policy of some hosters.

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