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You can download our best free WordPress themes. Be it a stunning portfolio to showcase your design skills or a shiny new online store to get you started in the world of Internet commerce, we have it all under control. It' s a friendly, modern theme that helps your content get more views. - First of all, you get them FREE.

9 main places to get free WordPress themes for downloading

With a good free WordPress topic, even the most common web sites can be turned into something truly stunning. Simultaneously, a good free WordPress topic index can make it easier to find this one. Here's a quick guide to the best places to get free WordPress themes to help you give your website a new look in no time at all.

You will find a large selection of free WordPress themes, each with a different look and feel and different functions to make your website look exactly the way you want it to. On these sites, you can browse for WordPress topics with a specific number of column counts, reactivity, photographic or text strength, a specific colour, and a host of other attributes.

As there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of free WordPress themes below, take some your personal moment to find the one that works best for you and your website. The best place to find free WordPress themes is You will find over 2,000 topics in every colour of the rainbow. It' simple to find what you're looking for at, because you can search the presented, most beloved and latest topics with just one click.

You can also browse topics by colour, number of column, functions and topic. Miniature, but easy-to-understand miniature views allow you to quickly find and open a full-screen previewer of the topics you want to take a close look at. has a small variety of free, fresh and basic WordPress themes.

Those themes are well crafted and would work for many different kinds of sites. There is a free theme lookup and sort feature that lets you see the oldest/newest WordPress themes first, the most beloved of all times, or the most beloved of the last three month.

Move your cursor over a WordPress topic and you will see a bigger picture. A demo hyperlink under each topic opens a full-page example of the WordPress topic, so you can get a real-life example of how it really felt. Freeware WordPress Themes 4 us currently has over a thousand free WordPress themes.

Between 10 and 20 new themes are added each and every month, and you can use their free subscriptions to keep up to date. Click on the catagory tag below the topic miniature to find others that have the same attributes. Some of the most beloved WordPress themes can be seen on the site page so that you can get the best free WordPress themes too.

The Free WordPress Themes 4 us allows you to adjust the themes option for your themes. Rather than looking through tonnes of dull and dull WordPress topics, does it for you and then provides a link to the best on your site. More than 2,500 free WordPress themes are available that you can either manual through, index, or filters.

The filter shows topics with 1/2/3 column, certain colours highlighted under a certain categorie (finance, restaurant, blog, etc.) and those with their side bars on the right, side or both sides of the page. To be standard, the WordPress themes listed at are first ordered by the latest, but you can modify that and display the themes by those that have been on the site the longest.

Although there are only a few handful of free WordPress themes on WPExplorer, they look very neat and stylish, one of which can be exactly what you're looking for. All these free WordPress themes are on one page and don't take long to search, so there are no filter choices.

Every topic can be displayed in its own preview on an entire page, so that you get the current feeling of how the topic looks and works. In order to be able to download these topics, you must be logged in. Registering is free of charge. More than 500 free WordPress themes can be found at without logging into a username or password.

Those are neat themes that will look great for any website. One thing I like about this site, apart from the others in this listing, is that each topic gets a unique 10 score, which is an overall score among the designs, speeds, support, coding and adaptability of the work.

It means you can see the top 10 WordPress topics on a page, but you can also browse by keywords. There is a free e-mail subscription to, which informs you once a month about the best free WordPress themes of the past workweek.

On Blog Oh! blog you won't find a ton of free themes among those you have to buy, but the free ones they have look great. There' s no searching feature, so you have to look through them all to see if there are any that you like.

As the other sites in this listing, a free WordPress themes demonstration is available so you know exactly what you are getting before you receive it. The FabThemes promotes its free WordPress themes because they don't contain spam and you can immediately get them without signing up. Topics can be searched by the most beloved or by the date they were added.

There is also a collection area where you can see WordPress themes for marriages and other special themes. Types shows topics about messages, eating, texts and more. Also you can search these topics by colour. As most of the free WordPress themes site in this listing, FabThemes lets you see a real life demonstration of the theming.

There is also a possibility for user to poll and annotate on the topics so that you can also see these particulars for each topic. The Site5 is another website with free WordPress themes to download. However, unlike some of the above sites, Site5 has only one page with only a few tens of topics.

Although the topic range here is small, you can still narrow down the results by category such as Community, Events, Portfolio, Blog or Business. As well as opening a full demonstration of the themes, each has its own custom changeslog area so you can see how the themes have evolved over the years.

Although you can still access the topic's underlying HTML without registering an affiliate license, you must sign up for a free affiliate license at Site5 to access the free WordPress themes.

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