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Analyze the content of the plug-in to retrieve the metadata of the plug-in. Can a plug-in get its own version number? You can also use get_plugin_data to get more details about a particular plugin. Choose the WordPress plugin version to perform the rollback. Remove WordPress plugin via WP-CLI.

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Analyze the content of the plug-in to get the plugin's meadata. Plugin meta information looks for the following in the plugin headers. The plugin must be on its own line. The plugin descriptor must not contain any line breaks or only parts of the descriptor are shown and the same applies to the plugin files.

This is what the return plugin information contains in the array: Name' - Name of the plugin, must be unambiguous. Titles' - Titles of the plugin and the links to the website of the plugin. Beschreibung' - Describes what the plugin does and/or what the plugin has written down. Version' - The version number of the plugin. PluginURI' - Plugin website adress.

TextDomain' - textomain of the plugin for localisation. DomainPath' - The plugin's location in relation to the .mo file. Netzwerk' - Bootlean. If the plugin can only be enabled network-wide. Name' 'Plugin Name', 'URI auteur','DomaineTexte' =>'Domaine Texte','CheminDomaine' =>'CheminDomaine' =>'CheminDomaine','Réseau' =>'Réseau' =>'Réseau' =>'Réseau','_sitwide' =>'Site Only', ) ; get_file_data( $plugin_file, $default_headers,'plugin') ; _deprecated_argument( __FUNCTION__,'3.

The %1$s plugin headers are obsolete. Use %2$s instead. real' ) ; $plugin_data['Network'] = $plugin_data['_sitewide'] ; $plugin_data['Network'] = ('true' === strtolower('$plugin_data['Network']])) ; unset( $plugin_data['_sitewide']] ) ; $plugin_slugin=name(("dirin_basename" ("$plugin_basename_file

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