Get Premium Wordpress Themes for free

Receive Premium Wordpress themes for free

They can take a look at Fluent themes for some high quality WordPress themes. You have a very large selection of high-quality WordPress themes, which are also available at Theme Forest. Of course you can get many WordPress topics for free.

Getting the Most Out of a Premium WordPress Topic

There' probably never been a better moment to be a premium topic-seeker. Whilst an enormous rise in the range of high-quality premium themes has not reduced pricing particularly sharply, it has provided an enormous boost to innovations, best practice and good product designs. Unfortunately, there is one critical thing that seldom receives as much interest as the attractive look you need: customer service.

There' probably never been a better moment to be a premium topic-seeker. Whilst an enormous rise in the range of high-quality premium themes has not reduced pricing particularly sharply, it has provided an enormous boost to innovations, best practice and good product designs. Unfortunately, there is one critical thing that seldom receives as much interest as the attractive look you need: customer service.

Unfortunately, too often there is a lack of proper written material, and getting an answer in the developer's help section or via e-mail will take much longer than it should. The purpose of this article is to relieve the discomfort of using a high-quality WordPress topic by giving some hints that I learnt in my days as a "support expert" for a large topic area.

It' a breeze to choose beautiful WordPress themes, but when it comes to selecting the right one for your website, there's more to looking for than just designing. We' ll examine the step-by-step process you'll need to take to get the most out of your Premium WordPress topic - from selecting the right topic, to installation in the right way, to the ability to ask immediate questions-and make adjustments to your topic that won't be overridden by topic upgrades.

While I should be aware that there are many great free WordPress themes out there, this article is focused on payed - or "premium" WordPress themes, as usually there is more extensive coverage for these themes. While it may seem apparent, the entire lifecycle begins before you have even bought your motif. It is of the utmost importance that you make sure that the topic you buy is completely right for your website.

So if you are not sure, it is probably not the right thing for you to do. Be sure to use the giant "theme galleries" you can find on Google, but be careful that these galeries are often powered by affilate selling, so take any "reviews" you see there with a dash ofalt.

A number of serious places are available to search for topics; here are some of them: When you have coworkers and boyfriends who use WordPress, or when you just see a website that you like to run with WordPress on a premium topic, get in touch with them and ask them if they would suggest the vendor they use.

Designing your website is a big deal, so take the moment to decide which topic you want to go on. Topic stores often provide free "bonus themes" with a unique buy, so if you can't choose between more than one topic from the same vendor, you can try both on your website and see which one you like.

When the topic fills all the exams we're going through, it's likely that you're fine. When you' re uncertain about the qualtity of a topic on your short list, a fast Google lookup for "Theme Name not working" will often show if others have had it. When something happens, check to see if the issues have been resolved and how quickly, provide detail that can help you make an educated choice about the topic.

However, we are not quite finished with the selection of topics. Topic demonstrations are an priceless asset for potential buyers. So you can see exactly how the topic works on a true website. Find out which browser the topic is supporting and whether the topic is "responsive" - when you visit the demonstration on a tray or smart phone, you'll see an enhanced copy of the website.

The WooThemes offer demonstrations of all their themes, plus the ability to try different default colour themes. Don't take any of the feature for granted, nor expect something you've seen in another topic to be there by default. Oftentimes, our technical assistance staff follow a strategy of not assisting in adding "additional" functions that are not shown in the demonstration.

Contacts should be easily found and a fast reply to your enquiry here is a good indication that any future technical assistance you may need will be dealt with promptly. A few organizations include a link to their demo documents, so if possible, check the document before you buy your topic to measure your performance.

When there is a technical forums that you can use, definitely take a look at it and see what the level of technical assistance is. As soon as you have made the big move and bought your design, the very first thing you need to do is find the design document and go through it from beginning to end.

Regardless of how you learn about topics, it is critical that you at least take a look at the documentation: if you know the detail here, you can help later. You should find the document either in the zip files you download with your order or in the help section of the themed store website.

Bigger themed stores often have screen casts and additional information on their web sites, so it's a good idea to take a little more of your own research to find them - it's often the general topic guides that fix them. On of the most prevalent launches for a Suport Pass is "I just have the design set up that doesn't work.

Don't be in a position where you're promoting your new topic and things don't work out. It' simple: test the topic before you show it to your audience, and if something doesn't work right, make sure it gets fix there and then. Test Drive plug-in allows you to try all the functions of your new design without showing it to people.

It' s up to you whether you want to do this on your local or on your own website, or whether you want to use a topic test plug-in (and not just WordPress' built-in preview function, which doesn't provide instant acces to the remainder of the dashboard), but for your convenience I would suggest a topic test plug-in like themme test drive or themes preview.

If your new design is running in a test enviroment, go back to the original document and make sure you followed all setup steps for the new design. For example, you can go to a page with specific topic choices and enter some information, set up a menu with the WordPress menu function, or set up some customized widgets contained in the topic.

When you find something incorrect and don't find a reference to your issue in the manual, it's your turn to go to the Help Desk. If you are purchasing a design, especially if you are purchasing a design for the first market, it is likely that you will ultimately need the help of your design shop's Technical Assistance Team.

Most likely this will be done in the shape of a supportforum, but can also be done via e-mail or helpdesk. Unfortunately, the level of assistance will vary greatly, but there are things you can do to minimise the number of journeys you need to make to the forums and make sure your enquiry is responded to promptly.

With WordPress One-Click Update, there's no reason to use an outdated one! No matter what your issue is, there are a few things you can do before you come to the Help Desk. Ensure that you are using the latest WordPress release. To find out if you have the latest release, log into your WordPress Dashboard.

WordprocessPress can lead you through this proces with its automated updating. Be sure you have the latest copy of your design. First thing you need to do here is verify which release of the topic you have already deployed. "You see your design above and then a release number.

When your design includes automated updating, you will be informed of all new releases and can upgrade in a similar way to updating WordPress. A " Updating Niag " for one of the topics of WPZOOM. When there is no updating tag and you are not sure if you have automated updating, you must now return to your topic store's website and check for topic upgrades and a chance logs.

In an ideal case you will find them in a kind of "member area", but they can also only be displayed on the topic's homepage. When the last downloaded topic is a newer release than the one you ran on your website, you will need to perform an upgrade. It should give directions on how to do this, either in the source document or easily accessible on the shop's website.

It' s not possible for themes programmers to fully utilize all WordPress plug-ins, so some will unavoidably get in the way of your theming. Perform a plug-in compliance test before posting to a technical assistance center: deactivate your plug-ins one by one to see if it fixes your problems. That' by no means perfect, but unfortunately it is a common dilemma, especially for topics with a lot of jQuery.

Please consult the Technical Assistance Centre if the issue still exists. After all, this does not hold true for all topics, but if your forums provide your help, look first! Once the pre-support check has been completed, you can now turn to the help desk of your themed store. Prior to you starting to present your issue, clearly enumerate three things: your WordPress release, your themes release, and your website URL.

Suppose your issue is that the comment area looks strange after you update to the latest release of the topic. Simply saying that "the comment looks filthy" isn't helping at all; saying "I just upgraded to the latest release and now the comment area looks poorly aligned" is much more useful.

Stubborn, but not irritating - the repeated post at two in the morning on a Sunday will not answer your query more quickly; be conscious that your customer service team is human. When you find that the Help Centre cannot help, there are still a number of places where you can seek help.

For example, WordPressQuestions is its own native WordPress Answers on Stack Exchange platform. also has its own WordPress forums. Perhaps the last thing you want to do with your all-new premium topic is to make it a little customizable. Adjustment choices for a sample topic. The majority of designs have similar colour matching capabilities.

It is likely that your design either has an "Options" control Panel from which it provides some minor customizations, or that it provides the built-in WordPress customizations that have been enhanced in WordPress 3. Four from WordPress. Whatever your topic, they're both simple to use and the basic idea is the same: they allow you to modify certain parts of your design without even having to write it.

Twenty Eleven uses the WordPress Customizer. You will find the built-in WordPress fitting option under "Appearance" and then the "Fit" icon next to the design thumbnail. Otherwise, if your design has any choices, they will be displayed either in a separate section in the menus or under "Appearance" and then "Topic Options".

" Whatever your topic is, it should be well researched, so check your research to see what it' about. However, it is likely that you will quickly notice that the built-in adjustment choices are too small and that you want to make more changes. No matter whether you are learning how to do this yourself, asking at your local help desk, or hiring someone to do it for you, it is important that the changes you make are impact.

Practically, this only means that any changes you make will not be wasted when you upgrade your design. First, use a seperate style sheet and load after the master of your topic. A lot of designs have this already setup, like user-defined. bss; the concept here is that you can replace any style in the design's initial style sheet, but in the case that the style sheet is refreshed, you won't loose any of your changes.

However, if you want to make further changes in order to keep them lasting, you must make a so-called "child theme". "A sub-topic is a topic that splits all of its " superordinate " theme's file, but can override any of them by making its own version.

In its simplest way, a children's topic begins with a styles. This is a small format in an otherwise empty directory. Then, if you want to make changes to, say, your headers by pasting them into an ad section, you would be duplicating the headers. From your top-level topic, you would copy the phone book to your own directory and then paste the changed files to your subordinate topic.

A number of great Tutorials on this subject are available if you want to know more about children's topics, including: Note that the sub-topic processes are significantly different from the subject frames, so you should tailor your framework-specific exercises to ensure that you use the sub-topics properly.

Once your design is up and running, there are a few things you can do to make your WordPress experiences even more enjoyable. However, if your design is correctly decorated, this is most of the work. Perhaps you would also like to contribute about your experiences using your topic so that others can rely on the information when choosing which to use.

I hope this guidebook will be of some help to you the next time you start with a new WordPress topic. One of the most important things to take home with you is to research in advance: With a well-designed, well-developed, and well-supported topic, it's very difficult to do too much mistaken.

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