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Visit our new Weebly Blog website. With Weebly, you can do much more by connecting it to the other applications that automate the tedious tasks in your workflow. When you edit the background image of a section, for example, most of the editor slides away, giving you an unobstructed view of your website.

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MaKey MaKey What is MaKey MaKey? "The MaKey MaKey is an invention set for the twenty-first hundred th centuries. Transform your daily items into touch pads and connect them to the web. It' a basic invention set for beginners and professionals who make arts, technique and everything in between" Makey Makey Quick Makey Guide - an great starting point.

Easy to follow directions with pictures.

WEBLY 4 has been released and includes many changes to the beloved Website Building tool.

WEBLY has released the fourth version of its beloved website Builder. Here is a short movie that shows some of the new things in Weebly 4: From an eCommerce point of view, Weebly 4 introduces some new changes like The redesigned, customisable eCommerce display front allows you to pull items and category items to any location on your website using simple click and drop to increase revenue.

Automated Steuerrechner eliminates the need for one-click US -wide taxation and provides guidelines for global taxation and the option to determine taxation by area, per unit rate or manual. Unparalleled integrations between your website, your shop and your e-mailing. Simply pull and dropping your website contents directly into an e-mail and distribute them via your favorite online channels.

The Weebly Exclusive: Receive intelligent e-mail proposals. Just append a voucher, item or catagory and Weebly 4 will automatically create an e-mail message for you to mail to your clients. Restore deserted wagons with an automated e-mail sent at exactly the right moment to get the goods on the market. The Weebly Exclusive: Complete fundle analyses and insight to keep abreast of your campaigns effectiveness with the first email-to-sales information from your Weebly dashboard.

Find out more or start creating your free website with Weebly.

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