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When you use a child theme, get_template_directory(); will continue to switch to the parent theme. You probably reached this page because you tried to visit Become a member of the Theme Club to access all themes and plugins.

Empire Freesia Thème WordPress libre et réactif. Plus version customers receive fast support as free designs.


Retrieves a WP_Theme item for a topic. directory name for the topic. By default, the default is the design you are currently using. Active (string) (Optional) Total pathname of the topic roots to search in. When not specified, get_raw_theme_root() is used to compute the theme root for the specified $stylesheet (or design). Topicobjekt.

Make sure you verify the exists() part of the item if you need to verify the theme's exist () part. globally $wp_theme_directories; $stylesheet = get_stylesheet(); $theme_root = get_raw_theme_root( $stylesheet); $theme_root =...WP_CONTENT_DIR . Topics'; $theme_root = Controller_DIR . $theme_root; get new WP_Theme( $stylesheet, $theme_root); 3.4.0Introduced.

There is more than one way to be perceived!

Until February 2018 we offered a WordPress theme with the title "The Get Naughty! Theme", but we ceased the sale of this theme and the ongoing further work. Get Used! was initially intended as a way for our creator Michael Hyatt to use the topic he created for his own blogs for the good of his people.

Over the past few years, as Michael's blogs have evolved into an on-line mag and a big brand familiy, this issue has become too complicated and tailor-made to be of relevance to the vast majority of individuals who build their own brand, and too labor-intensive for us to work on.

You are a recent The Get noticed! Theme users at ?? We' re proud of the many clients we have worked with with The Get Naughty! Theme over the years, and are thankful that we have helped you communicate your messages to the rest of the family. If you are a subscriber to this topic, you still have full control over the release you bought and can use it on your WordPress website for as long as you like - we will just stop providing upgrades and start reducing our tech-support.

This is one of the main advantages of using a self-hosted WordPress website. Are you looking for a new WordPress theme? While there are literally hundreds of WordPress topics available for free from the WordPress Topic Guide, there are also many developers with committed engineering groups who update on the latest WordPress topics.

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