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Review, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about World Clock Time Widget. See Jens Olsen's Weltuhr for the world clock, which is actually an astronomical clock. Worldwide Time Systems is the leading distributor of time clocks for employees, federal watches, time recording systems and time card machines in Australia.


This is your time recording and timer resource! Amano PIX-200 Atomic Time Clock is an electronically controlled all-in-one time recording and date timer that synchronises its time via radios. PIX-200 has a large number of functions that make it one of the most favourite timepieces. With the Amano MJR-7000, the time switch with 100 employees is calculated and the time tickets of the employees are added together automatic.

Amano' s MJR7000 provides businesses with time recording through the use of a time pass. Unprecedented experience in time recording and time recording makes us an intelligent partner for all your time system needs. Most of our web time clock products - NOVAtime Web Time and Attendance included - sets the standards by which others are judged.

With our tech supports, you can be sure that a skilled time recording specialist is available to solve any problems with your time recording system or employee clock. Regardless of how many staff or specific regulations your business needs, we have a time tracking solution to meet your needs.

Let us help you select between our simple staff timekeepers, medium computer timekeeper system or corporate web timekeeping system with web timekeepers and extended time module. We help you to select the time recording system that will benefit your organization. We have, for example, Acroprint, Lathem, Amano, Pyramid and Simplex timepieces, which can work in most companies or commercial environments, or you can take a look at our calculation timing option, which adds the time directly to the time pass for staff provided by vendors such as Acroprint, Amano, Lathem and Pyramid.

Other examples are our Small business editions staff timer management solution for companies with only 10 staff or our company grade web timer management solution with either a web timer hosting capability or an unhosted web timer hosting capability. Browsing the web can take time from what you do best - managing your company.

And we look forward to assisting you with your time tracking and time tracking needs. Would you like to find information and product information on the following areas of the time recording world? Quickly find the product and information you're looking for using the following information - Time Clocks, Employee Time Systems, Time Recording, Web Time Clocks, and Internet Time Clock Systems.

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