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A world time zone map shows the actually observed standard time zones. Global Time Clock: Online calculation of the time difference between two time zones, including local time and date. View | Time to unload Time zones Because of summer time, we get a shot of jetlag without going anywhere. Not only must we take summer time, but also the entire time zone schema manipulated by Hierry, which has dominated the watches of the globe over the last one and a half centuries, to the depths. All of us, wherever and whenever, shall make a living from what the timepieces of the Universe call Coordinated Universal Time or U.

T.C. (although Erdzeit may be less presumptuous).

It'?s no wonder what time it is in Peoria or Petropavlovsk. Each place will have a new relation to the time. With the advent of modernism - moves and cables and wristwatches all around - the relation to time has fundamentally altered, and we can see how it is once again altering in our global age.

U.T.C. (Zulu Time) is already being used in aeronautics - fewer collides this way - and many computer enthusiasts are too. Imaginative writer Arthur C. Clarke proposed a unique All-Earth time domain in 1976, when he was already concerned with the global communications world. The professors Henry and Hanke argument that as odd as Earthtime may seem at first, clumsiness would soon disappear and the benefit would be "immense".

"We are all in the business world - would get a constant harmonisation dividend" - the efficiencies that come from a single time area. One and a half centuries ago, there were no time limits. On Sunday, November 18, 1883, when New York set its watches to train time, this paper declared the disorderly matter as follows:

The time, the oldest and most secretive of our master, seemed to fall under man's authority. The time seemed workable. At that time it was no accident that H. G. Wells was inventing his time machines, nor that Einstein soon thereafter was developing his own theory of relativeity. After all that was so uncertain, Germany established DST, as DST is still referred to as DST in Europe.

Part of Aymé's response was to the politicisation of time zones: Nazis forced Paris into the Berliner time when they took it in the Second World War. North Korea last year put its watches 30 mins back to establish an independent time area, Pyongyang time - just to show that it was obviously possible.

Over its entire width, China has set up a unique time zoning system that extends over six time zoning areas in its neighbours to the north and south. Imagining that all the countries of the globe unite behind an officially Earth-time may seem impossibly. Mankind' s relation to time is about to change again. We live in a connected realm - a place where the sky never goes up or down.

In which time zones does Twitter govern? It'?s on Facebook. What time is it? At least we could work out a time. With the headline:

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