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This year we have a great Wicked Cool Christmas present for you. Texts for 'Go Christmas' by Kidz Bop Kids. Here you will find Christmas events, holiday concerts, festivals and more.

Different artists - Christmas A Go-Go

Thanks a lot Folks for the second best Christmas Rockin' Rockin' Recording after, of course The Great Spector Chistmas Gift To You!!!!! Claarence Carter makes a big back door Santa, Roy Wood's magician with the big one I wish it could be every day Christmas, the Fab Four with Silent Night, soup sale with Santa Claus Santa Claus Surfin' in town and Joe Pesci is concerned that it won't be snowing if it doesn't at Christmas, the big Rufus Thomas with I'll Be Your Santa, baby that's pretty scarce and very difficult to find.

Kinks and their great Punk Rock Christmas singles Father Christmas, which came out in 1977 in the year that Punk was big in the UK. Altogether 20 great rock music for a very cold Christmas.


Let's Go Go Christmas is a collector's collection published on December 12, 1995[1] The record consists of go-go reproductions of classic Christmas tunes played by celebrity go-go bands from Washington, D.C.[1][2] with the tracks "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town", played by The Pleasure Band, and "Merry Christmas Baby", played by Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers.

Whereto to go for Christmas 2018

Of course, there is nothing better than to celebrate Christmas at home with your beloved ones, but why not put your traditions on the streets for a while? See the Rockefeller Center's tall Christmas trees, Union Square Vacation Market and bring your skate talent to the Bryant Park track, which is (slightly) less congested than that at Rock Center.

Booking a room in the gloriously ceremonial St. Regis for a classical New York adventure. You' ll also want to see the amazing shop windows in places like Bergdorf's, Macy's and Saks, and then go to Lincoln Center to see the ultimative Christmas tradition: Maybe West Virginia isn't the first place you remember for a trip at the end of December, but that's probably because you never spend Christmas in the Greenbrier.

Incorporating 26 US President's, the historical building is a "60 Day Vacation Cheer" event that draws all the registers for its visitors. You will find more than 100 Christmas tree decorations, 120,000 Christmas candles, 2,000 Christmas stars, 2,000 lb. Christmas sweets and a variety of festive food and entertainment on the premises.

London, probably the most solemn town in Europe, is an ideal place to celebrate Christmas. Discover Christmas fairs, relax by the fire in a fine dining establishment, go ice-skating and shop in Harrods. Bend over at Brown's Museum in Mayfair, where a ceremonial afternoon tea offers the very best of UK cuisine.

Nearly every one of the hotels will be back in operation by Christmas - as will all the other typical local inns. What could be more genuine than to spend Christmas in the article circle? On the Mediterranean Sea island of Malta there are no snowshoes (or snow), but you will find bustling church buildings at around noon, Christmas singers wandering the roads, and low 60' temperature.

The Corinthia Palace Hotel offers complimentary Christmas brunches and "festive" events throughout the entire workweek. Nobody likes Christmas fairs as much as the Germans do - especially in Nuremberg, which is known for its best places. The Nuremberg Christkindlesmarkt goes back to the year 1628, and although it has grown to more than 180 stands in the meantime, much of the old world's traditions and charms remain.

Sienna India Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus and home of the primal manger, suggests Bethlehem for those seeking a truly holy Christmas time. The Christmas singers and parades go through the manger square, and the church houses church masses for a number of different nationalities.

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