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To log on as an administrator to manage email accounts in the Workspace Control Center. It is recommended that you leave the registrant's contact information as it is with Go Daddy. However, I called GoDaddy on behalf of Bill and spoke to a man from Domain Technical Support. Published by the administrator in Email, Resources. Assistance " Theme tag: wp-admin wp-login godaddy.

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Resetting Admin credentials with GoDaddy

The WordPress administration area has various options for resetting the login information. Watch this step-by-step guide to learn how to do this with the GoDaddy Hosted Security Controller. If you have called phpMyAdmin, choose your data base in the list on the right. Make no changes to the information_schema data base. Change the user_pass box and enter your new passphrase.

From the user_pass functions box, choose the MD5 coding. Do not hesitate to read the full featured videotutorial below:

Godaddy - Deal with the consequences of the "administrative contact" of a given domains disappearing?

Had you post the domainname (so we can do a WTOIS makeup on it), it would have been more useful. However, there are 3-4 typical contact types for a single domains. Registrant, Technology, Accounting and Administrator. If you are registered in at least ONE of these three countries, you have a good opportunity to get your name.

It' s a different story from register to register, but essentially you have to call until you find someone who is reasonably intelligent and wants to help you. Secondly... at some point you will have to send in your driver's licence, a declaration in writing on your corporate stationery and sometimes even a copy of your corporate ID card.

Third.... from there it usually goes up the mountain and finally somebody makes a choice somewhere and hands the domains over to you. Meanwhile.... you should be able to update this domainname so that it comes back on line at least for you as you go through this procedure.

My previous experiences with such cases have shown that the NUMBER ONE MISTAKE make humans do is call the Registry and stop reclaiming their domains. Believe me, the GoDaddy guys (and almost every other registrar) don't really take much notice of your history.

However, I phoned GoDaddy on Bill's name and spoke to a man from Technical Support. He was told that I was a system admin who helped a boyfriend who had gotten into difficulties with hisomainname. 1 ) I need to update the registration to get it back on line as soon as possible. and 2) I need to find out more information about how to proof that I (actually Bill's friend) can proof that he is the legitimate holder of the name.

The technician was informed that the DOOMAIN IS THE ENTERPRISE, but the e-mail address is the master now MIA. What can we do to get the domains back?" The majority of individuals are scanning their driver's licenses in JPG file formats to make sure they are CLEAR. They must also submit a copy of their commercial licence (or similar) stating that they are actually the holder of the registration of the domain.

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