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Daddy Go and e-mail

Browse down to the "Outgoing Mail Server" section and type "smtpout.secureserver.net" in the "Host Name" field.

Both GoDaddy and Microsoft Announce One-Stop Email and Office Applications

As a GoDaddy client, you can now enroll in a specialized Microsoft email and Microsoft Offices application such as document and spreadsheet applications, have everything available for your on-line and off-line use, and call a firm if you need assistance. It is part of a strategy that GoDaddy and Microsoft today announce for the small businesses industry.

Through the partnership, the two firms say they have made it seem smooth for the shop keeper or executive. GoDaddy Sr. VP Steven Aldrich said the new offer is a uniquely powerful Microsoft Office 365. Available in specialized configuration nowhere else than in GoDaddy, it is engineered to address the specific needs of small enterprises.

There are three levels of the Offices 365 offer available. Levels are at a minimum of $3. 99 per borrower per monthly (i.e. less than $50 per year for one person), and are for email, calendars and people only. Dual higher levels for additional email retention, Microsoft SkyDrive Pro clamp data retention, Lync videoconferencing, on-line releases of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint applications, and even Microsoft Office-desktop releases for Microsoft Windows Mobile and PC.

GoDaddy, which today has 12 million clients around the world, has partnered with Microsoft to create a solution for micro-enterprises - those with 5 or less people. If your company has some people who need higher layers than others (e.g. some need full Microsoft Offices applications, others just email), you can combine and merge them to create up to 75 additional people, 25 per layer.

Microsoft John Case, Microsoft Corporation VP John Case, stated that Microsoft 365 is "the most rapidly expanding Microsoft solution in time. "Microsoft 365 is the corresponding solution to the renowned Microsoft desktops suite. GoDaddy's dedicated Offer 365 is currently available in the USA and Canada. In addition, he pointed out that GoDaddy's 365 Offer has optimized administration panel (see example below) for the small businessman, not the IT administrators.

For two years, GoDaddy has been working on a production policy that goes far beyond the provision of domains for which the organization was first known. Mr Aldrich added that GoDaddy had viewed various email and bureau offers on the mall. And GoDaddy says it will be in charge of 24/7 technical assistance through its 2,500 account managers.

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