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At GoDaddy, we have helped millions of customers worldwide. GoDaddy is the perfect .ca domain for your Canadian business. GoDaddy Canada's latest tweets (@GoDaddyCanada). Providing software and technology resources to Canadian charities, nonprofit organizations and libraries.

GoDaddy Canada and Toronto Raptor Norman Powell work together to create inspiration for small business in Canada.

TORONTO, October 30, 2017 /CNW/ - GoDaddy, the world's biggest small enterprise and independent clothing provider, today announces that it is joining forces with Toronto Raptors shooter Norman Powell to encourage Canadians and small businessmen to share their love of living and develop life-changing enterprises. Whilst Powell's supporters know him for his local work with the Toronto Raptors, his extrajudicial pastime is musical.

Despite his lifetime of loving melodies, Powell never knew how to realize his dream. There GoDaddy came to the line. Wanted to help Powell breathe fresh air into his visions, GoDaddy began working with the Raptors Guards to produce a new singles and live concert film.

In order to show how simple it can be for businesses and small businesses to expand and improve their businesses on-line, Powell has shared its own website, ThePiano. ca, its creative music with the rest of the globe with Website Builder Walkaddy. In order to develop Powell's music, and together with Pirate, a small Toronto-based company and faithful customers of their own, they recorded and produced the new Powell singles "No Problem".

" Powell not only recorded the scorching singing for "No Problem" but also performed the guitar part. GoDaddy worked with Powell, with the help of Pirate, to create his first title, which is available today, and musical videos, which are about to expire. Available for listening on Powell's new GoDaddy-based website PowerOnThePiano. ca. .

Fan can also send "No Problem" from Spotify and Apple Musik. Don't be afraid, Raptor's supporters, Powell has no plan to leave the square to start a new musical carrier. Working with GoDaddy and Pirate has made it easy for Powell to follow his love of what he always had for great musicians.

"Not only is Norman Powell a great baseball star, he's also an emerging musician," said Jill Schoolenberg, vice president and country manager of GoDaddy Canada. "Following the triumph of our Itty Bitty Ballers campaigns, we were excited to work again with the Raptors, and especially Norman, to demonstrate his talents and how simple it is for Canadians to go on-line and drive their projects forward.

" "I' ve had a lifelong love of good old songs, and with the help of goaladdy I actually did record a track that anyone can enjoy," said Norman Powell, Toronto Raptor. "cGoDaddy operates the world's biggest small, medium sized, enterprise class virtual appliance solution. Serving nearly 17 million clients around the globe and over 72 million managed domains, Walkaddy is the place where individuals name their ideas, create a pro website, win clients and work.

One of the world's leading sporting and entertaining organizations, Maple Leaf Sports und Entertainment Group ( "MLSE") holds the Toronto Maple Leafs ("NHL"), Toronto and Toronto clubs Toronto FC, Toronto Marlies ("AHL"), Toronto and Toronto 905 ("NBA D-League") and Toronto Maple Leafs ("USL"). They also own the Air Canada Centre, Maple Leaf Square, three Leafs TV and NBA TV Canada and have a relationship with NBA TV Canada Limited.

The MLSE has also made investments and operations in five of Toronto's sporting venues - Ricoh Coliseum, BMO Field, Kia Training Grounds in Downsview Park, home to the Toronto FC Academy and the first team training venue, as well as the MasterCard Centre for Hockey Excellence, the training venue for the Maple Leafs and Marlies.

The Pirate is a premier studio for creating and producing sound in downtown Toronto's King Street East manufacturing center. Situated on the top level of the Ontario Design Centre, Pierate has an area of over 10,000 square metres, of which 4 are ultra-modern 5th floors. There are 1 high-definition studio, a premium voice-casting establishment, an incredible crew of musicians and editors, and the best luncheon in town.

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