Go Daddy India

Daddy Go India

CoDaddy starts providing small business web site services in India GoDaddy, the online registration and web host, has started its web site in India. The GoDaddy Enterprise Hosted solution is designed for small enterprises and provides discrete memory, memory and assigned cores, as well as an easy-to-use user interface that eliminates the need for high level ownership engineering skills. It also offers unmeasured bandwith, which basically means that when there is increased website activity, the loading speed of the web page is not affected. Prime- (for high frequency websites) - 1 GB RAM, 60 GB memory, 1 CoPU, unmeasured bandwith. Premier (for data-intensive Web pages, peer-to-peer communities and simple eCommerce sites) - 2 GB memory, 120 GB memory, 2 cpus, unmeasured bandwith.

Enterprises (for eCommerce websites, corporate listing and extended eCommerce websites - 4 GB memory, 240 GB memory, 2 processors, unmeasured bandwith, free 1-year free of charge removal of malware). In addition, all our BI hosted schedules contain BI e-mail (workstation) and a 1-year certification. For small companies and retailers looking at the e-commerce arena, choosing a DIY e-commerce site such as BuildaBazaar, ZEPO, Shopify, KartRocket, MartJack, BigCommerce and many other similar stores appears to be a simpler choice rather than creating a website from the ground up and then delivering it with GoDaddy.

Looking at BuildaBazaar as an example, the trading community had a dealer basis of 76,829 dealers as of June 30, 2017, an increase of 34% over the previous year (YoY). Burgeoning in India in June 2012, GoDaddy opened an India based New Delhi branch and appointed former Microsoft Chief executive Rajiv Sodhi as Managing Director of GoDaddy India.

When submitting the initial public offering in June 2014, the firm stated that it had 238 Indian CRMs. Shortly after starting business in the state, GoDaddy launched several new Indian billing methods, among them NetBanking, Money Card and Money Card, in combination with the standard card and direct debiting methods.

GoDaddy asserted in August 2013 that his Indian bureau was the company's biggest global one. She had also said that her Indian client list had grown by 86% over the past year, although there was no mention of GoDaddy's precise client list in the state.

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