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The GoDaddy cloud-based server trends for small businesses Once known for the excentric escapades of its former chief executive officer Bob Parsons, GoDaddy is embarking on a new period of seriousness and repositioning itself as one of the key players in the clamp computer business. GoDaddy is extending its hosted service offering with two new offers, namely clamp servers and clamp applications, designed to help web designers create, test and resize clamp buildings, often in less than a single minutes, with minimum programming.

GoDaddy can achieve this by partnering with Bitnami, a premier open architecture open architecture repository. Our partner offers a one-click optimised setup for applications like CMS (e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), CRM (e.g. Odoo, Sugar, OpenERP) and eCommerce (e.g. OpenCart and Magento). The GoDaddy solution integrates cloud servers and cloud applications with its other offerings such as domain names and DNS, allowing clients to administer and update new and legacy domain names and subtoplevel sites.

In addition, cloud server clients have full control over several publicly available APIs, King said. GoDaddy's traditional price structure is based on a fix costs approach. A small company, for example, could host a simple website for just $1 a months. Our new product range works according to the "Pay as you go" principle.

Also in this case the prize is still very cheap, with parcels that start at less than $5 per months. According to King, most small companies would never go over $20 a year. GoDaddy will also pass on the first 30 day free of charge as an inducement. Weavers are likely to welcome the new product capabilities that do this: the new product will be the first of its kind:

Automatic back-up of uninterrupted information to protect cloud account information and cloud settings (GoDaddy ensures 99.9% availability); keep users in continuous touch with each other on home networks; give a flexible assignment of persistent as well as multi-address and IP address to a given individual service, with as many available as needed.

Featuring new features, these are part of GoDaddy Pro, a free tool and product for web design professionals and developers . The GoDaddy also provides 24/7 prioritized client service as part of the bundle.

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