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Have you ever thought about using a Website Builder, but thought it was too difficult or time consuming? GODADDDY is facing a boycott for supporting the SOPA anti-piracy bill. GoDaddy, the US host company, will probably be boycotted, although the company has said that it no longer endorses the policies that triggered it. Clients were furious with GoDaddy for supporting the contentious Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). December 29th has turned out to be the date on which clients would be transferring websites and domain names outside of GoDaddy.

GoDaddy's suggested ban imposed a U-turn, but many are still obliged to transfer. The SOPA, which has not yet been approved by the US Congress, has film studio and recording companies seeking injunctions to take websites off-line if they think they are pirating or helping it. Technology companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, eBay and many others have spoken out against SOPA.

The GoDaddy was one of the few technology companies that supported SOPA, but it took its name from the official supporter lists printed by big web surnames and many furious clients. ikipedia said it would move its domain from GoDaddy, as well as the Cheezburg network, owners of Lolcats and the imaging company imgur.

Speaking in a declaration that explains the shift, head of Gothdaddy Warren Adelman said: "Combating on-line counterfeiting is of paramount importance, which is why Mr GoDaddy has been working to speed up the revision of this piece of law - but we can clearly do better. "Mr Adelman took a non-partisan stand on SOPA in an interviewee with technology gizmodo but said the firm could help if there was agreement among network companies on its terms.

In spite of this amendment, many were expecting to implement their decisions to remove their GoDaddy domain names and sites. A lot of commentators on GoDaddy blog and discussions boards said they were still leaving GoDaddy. At GoDaddy we provide server where many users are uploading their web sites and we also act as a domain registration service - the known web adresses end with . com, . org etc.

GoDaddy was boycotted on the Reddit chatboard and several sites collected donations from the ownersto site to end GoDaddy. It' s not clear how much these commitments will affect GoDaddy, which maintains it is the world's largest registered member of the registry and manages more than 50 million dollars.

Analyzing the number of web domain names transferring to the GoDaddy server suggests that many have acted despite the shift in their minds. More than 37,000 domain names were allocated to other hostings and registries over a two-day timeframe. But on some occasions more domain names and websites were moved to GoDaddy than abandoned.

To curb the excodus, GoDaddy has placed large ads in the US media that offer promotional offers on domains for sale. GoDaddy's rivals have gotten involved in the dispute, with many providing rebates when clients switch from the host company to them. The GoDaddy controversial campaign began in early 2011 because its creator and former chief executive, Bob Parsons, murdered and murdered an elephant during a Zimbabwean hunting campaign and put a live web clip of it out there.

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