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GOODADDY BOWS Global "GO YOU" Kampagne Commercial GoDaddy will continue on the path to shed his legacy of cheeky, boobs-first publicity with a new publicity drive celebrating the small firm's proprietor, his first from the New York based international marketing firm TBWA/Chiat/Day. Today, the franchise presents its Go You worldwide marketing initiative, which focuses on small businesses in new US and international advertisements.

Under the direction of MJZ's The Perlorian Brothers show a TV commercial and another expanded on-line release on two pages, catswithhats.com and gatochapeau.com. Every one of them skilfully presents the various different GoDaddy toys under the cover of Cat Lady's on-line shop window. There will be introduction of advertisements globally in the next few months. Although the tonality differs significantly, the national and international advertisements respond to the same findings.

"Throughout all our major economies around the globe, when we began to talk to small companies - the heart of our franchise - we asked them, "What are the things that keep you awake at nights? "GoDaddy CMO said Phil Bienert. In November last year, the TBWA label became its first ever truly international agent, and in a courageous move it took the decision to withdraw from its historic flagship project, the Super Bowl, for the first in 2016.

The steps reflected the brand's choice to be more strategically and data-driven in terms of merchandising and its objective to raise global recognition. "We have had some big, very remarkable news in the past, and as we have developed in the US - where 58% of small business is female ownership - we have had advertisements that mirror who the public is, away from the policy we've been using [before], and also let the dates tell us where to go next," Mr Bienert said.

Mr Bienert said in the USA that the trademark has well over 80% trademark awareness. Whilst US audience may still be associating GoDaddy with its risky advertisements with sparsely dressed, full-bosomed females, in recent years they have decisively turned away from this notion. There was a much publicised ad last year about a prodigal pup that Blake Irving, President, dragged out of the Super Bowl after setting the audience on fire.

Previously, the brand's Super Bowl commercial, which was made in German, saw a mechanical engineering graduate called Gwen quitting her local position to launch her puppet dreamshop. Go You" cat place goes a similar way, but this year it encourages a fictitious female with a strange claim.

"Wherever we go, this is another stage in this move with our message that, quite openly, goes with many other things we have done with our domestic advertising - our choice to leave Nascar, our choice not to be in the Super Bowl," Mr Bienert said. "It showed us that our messages, our mediamix and our targeted can be different ways to be efficient.

" Internationally, the challenge is diverse and diverse, with the campaigns targeting 53 global marketplaces. "Except in the USA and Canada, where we are new and in some cases a challengers, we do not have a 17-year tradition. This allows us to enter these marketplaces and talk much more directly to small companies, with messages that in reality are much more a mirror of their daily life.

" "It was a challenging task to be conscious of how each store occupies a different place in the learn bend and how to respond to this world," said TBWA/Chiat/Day New York Global Creative Director Adam Wohl. "The GoDaddy is the starting shot for small businesses, and if you think you can do something, we know you can," he said.

Wohl said the agent profited from its wider web of businesses to better educate the work. "No, we didn't want to sign up for a suitable baggage for a worldwide marketing effort. In each of our stores we had a game book about what the right message was, what the right things were to get into the business for the creatives.

Advertising spots are only the point of departure for the campaigns. "It' not about the 30-second TV commercial," said Mr. Bienert. Small company tales in the advertisements will also be shown longer in expanded video, each with its own separate part. "Be it our domestic development or our global reach, the point is that we are making messages that speak much more directly to the small business," Mr Bienert said.

"The GoDaddy was spending a long amount of our lives saying, "Look at us, look at us," and we wanted to turn that into, "Look what we can make easier," Mr Wohl added.

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