Godaddy Account

The Godaddy Account

Change the language in which your account is displayed. In order to transfer a domain to your GoDaddy account, you must make an account change. The GoDaddy account is susceptible to Photoshop and Photoshop.

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On Tuesday my GoDaddy account was in jeopardy. While I knew it would happen, I didn't think my assailant would succeed given the multi-layered account protection features of the world's biggest registration company. Within a few working hours, he could take full charge of my account, and all he had to do was talk to my service department and send in a Photoshopped ID.

More than 13 million GoDaddy clients, who in turn place 59 million registrations under the administration of the registry, are served by GoDaddy. Hundreds of people around the world help the members of our technical and operational team around the clock. Sometimes clients forge their account number or passwords; maybe they forgot which e-mail they used to sign up for a particular site.

GoDaddy supports you in both cases. GoDaddy supports account resetting as a straightforward procedure. In case you have lost your user name or account number, just choose the right shortcut on the sign-in or account maintenance page. You can also call our client service and finish the transaction by telephone.

Subject to circumstance, a telephone call will solve most account-related issues, provided you know your preferred domains, the e-mail addresses in the files, the client number (or username), the road addresses in the files, or the last four numbers of the major cards used for the account. As Vinny Troia, the CEO of Night Lion Security, phoned GoDaddy and tried to reset my account passphrase, the agent answering the telephone followed all common logs and tried to verify Mr Troia's name.

Equipped with only essential information and no grip on the account's main e-mail account, Mr. Troia should have miscarried. But exactly the opposite occurred; he managed despite GoDaddy's multi-layer protection. GoDaddy told me that I don't have anymore acces to my domains. Mr Troia said, "We have checked and validated the information on the World Health Organization (WHOIS) - which really was that I recited the information on the World Health Organization (WHOIS) to the agent and told them that my account was at risk.

"And she asked me if I had the e-mail addresses on record, which I obviously didn't. To cut a long long story short, it was my domainname and I wanted to get into it. Recognising the diversions, it was clear that Mr Troia had a lot of things ahead of him, so the supporter was more than pleased to push the discussion forward and make the trial less painful.

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