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Allow someone access to your GoDaddy account. Once it is your turn to go online, you will need to refer your domainname to your new school. And if you want to leave it to a professional, you can add him to your account without revealing your GoDaddy login name. The GoDaddy call this "delegating access" and here you'll learn how to do it: you'll find out how to do it: How to do it: How to set it up: How to do it:

Log in to GoDaddy and go to your account. A drop-down menu for account settings appears from there, from which you select Delegate Admission. To the right, if you are on a computer on your computer screen, there is the Persons who can use my account field. Type your name and the e-mail associated with your GoDaddy account.

While you can select the type of permission you want them to have, I find that most customers need to give me full permission, especially if they need help creating e-mail adresses. You can even make changes to your DNS if you don't have full account control. As soon as you have done so, the other individual will be sent an e-mail to agree to access, and can then sign up on their own GoDaddy website and take charge of their particular store.

Recently my business changed from to for webcasting.

Recently my business changed from to for webcasting. I' ve upgraded the configuration filename to make a connection to the new base, the application pathname remains unchanged. You have simply uploaded back to the registration page. Looking at the data sets, settings and databases, Ben felt everything was well. The installation is going well, I am redirected to the login page, I register and the registration page is simply re-loaded.

Again I had to insert the RewriteBase command. My current installation, which worked on NameCheap, will fail on GoDaddy, as will a new installation. The GoDaddy technical team says that mod_rewrite is enabled on my common host. I' m guessing that there is a redirection-related preference that needs to be made on the domains, or a name record that we miss.

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