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Add Godaddy E-Mail

You can use this plugin to quickly add a registration form to your website. Then click on the link to "Add your own email address". Add DKIM and Return Paths data sets to GoDaddy

The addition of email authentification to your GoDaddy domains is easy. First, obtain the DNA entries to be added to your domain's DNA on the Stamped DNA Settings page for your domains. On the Sender Signatures page, click Settings for the domains for which you want to add DNS entries.

There you will see the two DKIM and Return-Path datasets that need to be added to your DNA. When you log in to GoDaddy, these data sets are used, so keep the screen open. Sign up with GoDaddy and go to your Top Level Domains Manager. Locate the domainname you want to upgrade and click on "Manage DNS".

Then you will be redirected to the page Domains Management where you can add your own DNA-entries. To add a new dataset, browse to the bottom of the page and click Add. Copy the DKIM host name and value to the TXT in Godaddy box. There is no need to create a user-defined return route to check the postmark edomain, but we strongly suggest it to help ensure maximum delivery.

As you add the DKIM dataset, you should also add the return pathname dataset. Go back to the Domain Management page and add a new data set. Specify the hostname value for the host value that you see on the DNS Settings page under Stamp for the return entry.

In GoDaddy, type for the Points to area. Then click Remember and remember the changes you made to your DNS entries. DNA entries may take some getting around. It is recommended to wait about 30 min before checking the data sets (sometimes longer). DKIM has Postmark review your DNA entries every five hours to determine if they are correct.

It is also possible to perform a manually performed verification by pressing the Confirm pushbutton in the DKIM line on the Postmark page of the Domain Name Settings Settings page. If you click the verify in the Return-Path line, it will also be checked whether this data can be found in your DNA and it will be checked in Postmark.

So what happens if it's not checked out? Give it a try with the DKIM Keyscheckool. Add TIMESTAMPpm as a qualifier (where TIMESTAMP is your clear qualifier value) and your domains.

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