Godaddy Addon Domain

The Godaddy Addon Domain

Add-on domains are only available for Deluxe and Ultimate cPanel Shared Hosting accounts. Fill in the following fields, and then click Add Domain. How to add an addon domain. Login to

com; click Manage under the desired cPanel account. Still not sure why Godaddy PDO has this problem.

Add an Addon Domain in cPanel - Go Daddy's Hosting Product Feedback

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Can I change my domain name with my addon domain?

Suppose you have a hosting-account and two domainnnames that are used for two different sites - and is the domain that is primarily used for your domain1. com and is an add-on domain. Here are the procedures you should take to change the two domain types, i.e. to make the domain that is primarily used for your and the domain that is used for your account:

Delete from the addon slots of your cPanel -> Addon Domains. Changing the domain name for your domain for your affiliate from to You can do this via your user area -> My accounts -> Manage accounts -> Information and settings -> Changing the domain. Save the website file for in the public_html directory and then delete it or move it to another directory.

Drag the file from the Addon domain into your public_html location. Include in your addon slots from your cPanel -> Addon-Toplevel. Copies/restores the website file for to the new Addon file. Note that according to the application that runs both sites, you may need to make extra changes to the application configurations in order for them to work properly from their new sites.

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