Godaddy and Squarespace

The Godaddy and Squarespace

Manual linking of a GoDaddy site to your Squarespace site - Squarespace Help When you first join your GoDaddy domains, please refer to the Joining a GoDaddy Domains to Your Squarespace Site page before following this book. GoDaddy has an optional feature that can link your domains without the need for you to set it up yourself first. In case you have problems linking a GoDaddy to Squarespace through our regular set-up, you may have to finish the procedure by hand.

These instructions will take you through these procedures, which includes modifying some of the GoDaddy preferences in your Gmailbox. It is recommended to move your domainname to Squarespace instead of linking it. Below are some good reason why you want to move your domain: It is possible to delegate all management issues to your Squarespace accounts so that you do not have to purchase them from a third part.

This could be your first year of free web site host. With Squarespace you can directly help with any problems with your domains. Make sure your domains are transferable. Find out more about the difference between transfers and connections or start a transfers here. In order to be able to follow these guidelines, you should already have a GoDaddy registration and actively have one.

As soon as you have your domainname linked, you need to register it with GoDaddy to keep it linked to your Squarespace page. GoDaddy name servers must be used to successfully link a specific domains. Read our instructions below for how to reset GoDaddy to its standard name servers. Remember to delete all DS entries that are currently on GoDaddy's site as they will stop your site from accessing Squarespace.

Delete any DNS templates that may have been automated on your GoDaddy DNS preferences, even if they are a Squarespace DNS template. If your user name contains the Squarespace phrase, you cannot associate a user-defined domain with Squarespace. So if your GoDaddy is still in your domains area, you must first disconnect it and then reconnect it.

On the Start menu, click Preferences, and then click Areas. Or you can use the ? button while any of the panels is open to browse and browse your databases. Select your GoDaddy domaine, and then click Disconnect daem. Reload the page, and then click Use a custom Domain. Type the full name of the domainname you are referring to in the Domainname field, and then click Next.

Select Connect from Providers. If you receive a notification that says "This is already linked to another Squarespace site", review any other Squarespace site that you maintain to see where the site is linked. Please note: Although GoDaddy is included in the GoDaddy Domains Vendor Options list in the menus and you can even see how GoDaddy populates automatically after you add your domains, you should still select Others to close this manually.

Then click Connect Domains. Opens a new window with the data sets to be created in your PARTICIPANT ACCESS. For your information, keep this field open. Visit GoDaddy and login to your GoDaddy area. In Domains, locate the name of the domains you are linking and click the DNS buttons. You now copy the data sets from the domains area so that your GoDaddy domains are properly linked to your Squarespace site.

Please note: Do not erase any MX entries during this operation. It is MX Record's policy to link your e-mail addresses, and the deletion of this information may affect your e-mail services. On the first line of your Squarespace DNS settings, copy the unambiguous source directly below the Hosts colum. Do not use the sample shown here, but use the unambiguous DNS you see in your own DNS settings.

In the Records section at the bottom, click Insert. Copy and paste uniquely identified information that is displayed directly below the Hosts columns in your domains area into the Hosts field. Please note: If you do not include this CNAME or if it was typed wrong, the CNAME will be disconnected from your website after 15 workdays.

In this case, you can begin reconnecting the domains from the beginning. On the second line of your Squarespace DNS settings, www will appear directly below the Hosts col. Select in your GoDaddy email address select Join. The last four rows of your Squarespace DNS settings show four IPs in the Required Data columns.

Use the following procedure to construct four A records in GoDaddy that correspond to these numbers. Select in your GoDaddy email address select Join. If you already have A entries, use Hostname @ to modify them so that Points To is the same as the above. When you see other A items in your profile that do not correspond to what is displayed in this guide:

"Blanks " indicates your domains without the preceding www. Now you should have four A entries pointing to the following IP addresses: Once you have changed your data sets, go back to your Squarespace DNS settings and click Refresh below the data sets. On the Control Panel, the Current Data columns starts updating and indicates whether your data sets have been typed properly.

Click on the arrows in the upper right hand side of the window to return to the window before. Once all data sets have been typed accurately, your domains will be connected to your website within 24hrs. Please feel free to go to the Domains page at any given moment to review your status. When we determine that your data sets have not been setup appropriately, your domains will appear in the domains area with the Can' t verify domain ownership error.

For troubleshooting, use the Domain pane's DNA Checker utility to view the precise CNAME and A record. In the Domains pane, click the domains, and then click Domain Name Settings. For more information, see Verifying Your Domains Map Entries. If, after typing data sets by hand, you still have problems linking your domains to Squarespace, you may need to restore your domain's name servers.

You must use GoDaddy's standard name servers to successfully associate a Domain with Squarespace. However, if you have previously used your site with another website, it may still be displayed elsewhere. Visit GoDaddy and login to your GoDaddy area. Click Manage next to Areas. Locate the Domain you want to join and click the button, and then select Manage Domain Name from the drop-down list.

Further help with the GoDaddy accounts can be obtained from the GoDaddy customer service hotline at (480) 505-8877.

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