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GOODADDY | Install GOODADY Mobile App About us " is the most potent site to get to your people. It' important that you create an "About us" page where you present your company to your prospective clients. A good "About Us" page is an important element in attracting new people. This is a brief personal history of the individual.

Here you can discuss the individual's working lives, their performance, what part they play in the organisation, etc. In the " missions " section you can briefly and authentically describe your core beliefs and the codes of behaviour your business follows. It creates a trusted relation between your clients.

The GoDaddy company introduces GoCentral, a new portable website builder for digital media.

GoDaddy, the web host and registration leader, has introduced a new all-in-one website builder that combines a "mobile-friendly" website builder with a range of e-commerce and online advertising solutions. GoDaddy is already offering a website builder, but with its new GoCentral technology it is beginning a "paradigm shift" away from conventional website builder based website builder software, even its own.

With GoCentral's promise to make the website creation lifecycle easier, which can be done in less than an hours, and the Website Builder can even be used on portable touch screen terminals, allowing shopkeepers to optimize layouts and contents on the go. Supporting around 1,500 different businesses and sectors (compared to 300 in its latest site builder), the new tools, the first time you tell it what the "theme" of your site is, create an "almost complete" site on-site, plus pre-filled section and stick image.

In addition, all websites are fully reactive, i.e. they fit the platforms on which they are displayed, be it PCs, tablets or smartphones. However, Website Builder goes beyond site layout and launching; it also allows companies to enhance their visibility in key accounts with advanced web analytics as well as facebook connectivity to build a new page.

The GoDaddy team has been pressing for some considerable amount of times to enter the small and midsize enterprise sector with a range of add-on solutions. GoDaddy, for example, provides an accounting facility as a direct outcome of the 2012 takeover of Outright, and Ronin was later purchased to include billing in the blend. Last summers, the Flare enterprise started a collaborative app to share and evaluate commercial opportunities.

Today's start continues almost two month after GoDaddy's acquisition of Host Europe Group, the leading global provider of web services and services, in a $1.8 billion transaction, making GoDaddy a natural fit for the needs of million more small companies across Europe. GoCentral will review how these people can be migrated to GoCentral in the near term.

GoCentral will essentially match the price of the current DCY solution, i.e. between $6 and $30 per months, based on the functionality you want.

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