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Designed for highly frequented & eCommerce websites, our Business Web Hosting offers you the performance you need. A GoDaddy Launches Business Hosted Services for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

NYSE:GDDY, the world's leading small business computing solution for the enterprise virtualization market, today unveiled Business Hosted - a new, high-performance yet easy-to-manage web computing solution built for high-traffic, e-commerce and resource-intensive Web sites. The GoDaddy Business Hosting solution features a lightweight cPanel that gives clients with restricted engineering capabilities the opportunity to administer new and legacy Web sites and administer their DNA in an easy-to-use user console based cPanel.

The GoDaddy Business Hosted solution is the latest in the company's effort to extend its product line to small business customers who need progressive solution but may not have in-depth engineering knowledge. "We' ve seen fast-growing organizations with resource-intensive Web sites migrate to progressive web-hosted or VPS applications to improve their efficiency. It can be a jerky leap and there is usually a complicated learn curve," says Demetrius Comes, GoDaddy VP of Engineering.

"The GoDaddy Business Hosted service is a straight outcome of the simplification and improvement of the client experiences. Combining our pre-configured cPanel offerings with the power of VPS, we are the first to offer an enhanced hosted service without the need for knowledge of either servers administration or managing servers. "GoDaddy's transition from hosted sharing to business sharing is easy.

Clients can perform an upgrades with a one-click, and automatic data migrations are performed, requiring no uninstallation or reinstallation of data any more. Clients get an unmeasured amount of bandwith from there, so their website can manage growing volumes of visitors without slower loading time. Business-hosting provides committed ressources such as random access memory (RAM) and memory, as well as assigned processors that provide extra computing performance for resource-intensive Web sites.

"The GoDaddy Business Web Publishing solution removes the restrictions of hosted sharing by maintaining Web sites in an isolation setting where clients receive committed resources," said Raghu Murthi, GoDaddy Business Web Publishing Services Director. "Expanding companies now have the opportunity to achieve more horsepower and better website performances without having to bother with the complex technicalities of a VPS.

In this way, small companies can remain focused on what they do best. "Pricing & AvailabilityGoDaddy Business Hosting provides three different planning alternatives, with pricing from $19.99 per month: Business hosting schedules also includes one free year of Office 365 pro e-mail and one year of free SSL Certificates.

The GoDaddy operates the world's biggest small, third-party business computing solution. Serving more than 14 million clients around the globe and more than 63 million managed domains, GoDaddy is the place where individuals name their inspiration, create a pro website, win clients and administer their work. It is our business to provide our clients with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to turn their own initiatives and visions into reality.

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