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Counterfeit GoDaddy e-mails that can lead to computer viruses or attempts at phishing[Screenshots] | Find out more

Occasionally, your inbox is filled with phone calls and other bad e-mails that look very legit. Here are some screen shots of how you can detect a bogus GoDaddy e-mail. Crooks know this and use collaborative techniques to get you to trust their e-mail in the hope that you click on the links and then - who knows?... Your computer may be contaminated, or your own private identities may be at risk.

It' s important to always keep in mind that e-mail fraud is very widespread. Practise being on the search for the signage that can help you identify the scammers. Earlier this day, I got an e-mail from GoDaddy that I thought was from GoDaddy. Since I have a large number of domain names, I get a lot of e-mails from GoDaddy, and this one struck me: Something wasn't quite right.

Once again, I took a look at it and ID'd the treacherous characters of an e-mail trying to relay as communications from a trustworthy well. This is what you need to look for to see if it's a fake: Notice also how it causes you to call "Re-Verify Your Premium Account" to click on the link: the feeling of urgency ist a popular technology used by cyber criminals.

This is the safest way to verify the legality of email: Most mail client applications, such as Outlook, display some of the headline information directly in your mailbox. Note in red the URL for security server. net - one of the GoDaddy Servicedomains - and in this example my URL - because GoDaddy sent the e-mails to me.

And you can even go one better and verify the inbound e-mail header or property. For this example, the following example shows a clear picture of the e-mail account that has nothing to do with the GoDaddy account verification: An unequivocal sign for the faked e-mail! So when you receive an e-mail, even if your computer's computer security software has scanned the e-mail for infections, don't click on the hyperlinks in the e-mail - keep in mind that the malware may be at the origin of the hyperlink, and you can have your computer and your computer security system infect, especially if your computer security software isn't up to date.

The best characters of a Phishy email: When you are not sure whether the e-mail is legal, the surest way is NOT to click on a link, but to go directly to the source: In this example, instead of click on "Re-Verify Your Premium Account", I would go directly to com or call support to verify the problem.

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