Godaddy Business Email Package

Business Godaddy Email Package for Businesses

GoDaddy hosting is really not recommended. Do not use GoDaddy for Office 365! - Technical IT Service Cincinnati

Recently, we worked with a new customer who had previously purchased Office 365 through GoDaddy. Customer was dissatisfied with Office 365 and couldn't get good help or any responses from GoDaddy, so they came to Intrust looking for a better user experience. Normally, when we work with a new customer, we ask them to give us assigned control over their Office365ccount.

However, we quickly found that there was no assigned permission and many other Office365 permissions and functions were lacking in the GoDaddy release. Great things too... Like Skype for business, Yammer, email encoding and even simple sign-on like DirSync. This was like a lightweight of Office365, but more complex.

A few administrative changes were made in Office365 and others in a GoDaddy administrative panel. Quickly we realized why the customer was not satisfied. Some of the prizes the customer payed via GoDaddy were actually higher than if they had bought directly from Microsoft. Obviously, we had to take the customer out of the GoDaddy scheme.

Normally it is really simple to change the recording party in Office 365 because it only takes a few moments without interrupting the work. GoDaddy's not like that. Due to the specific agreement that GoDaddy has with Microsoft, clients must actually move their information between them. What we need to do is set up a new Microsoft 365 database using a new Microsoft 365 database, separate your domains from your old database, link them to your new database, set up new users and then move all your email, calendar, contact, Sharepoint and OneDrive information.

Ensure that you obtain your Microsoft Office 365 directly from Microsoft and use a trusted and trusted Microsoft Office 365 representative to maintain your set-up. Use GoDaddy for your domains and websites hosted, but keep away from their Office 365 offers!

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