Godaddy Business Email Pricing

Business Godaddy Email Prices

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Domainname Registry GoDaddy and Microsoft today announce a relationship that puts Office 365, GoDaddy's rent-free business application suites, in front of GoDaddy's small business clients. "and GoDaddy is a great ... Registry guy. "GoDaddy's CEO, Blake Irving, previously worked for Microsoft, where he headed the Windows Live group.

Rick has also worked for Microsoft, including Rick who is responsible for GoDaddy's corporate identity development and usability. As part of the alliance, which the businesses have entered into as a strategy arrangement, GoDaddy will divest three Office 365 maps associated with its customers' businesses, which are predominantly small business owner areas. GoDaddy will offer "Email Essentials" at the best price, a $3 per person per monthly schedule that offers only email housing, with 5GB of message space and 2GB for other Microsoft SkyDrive Pro file sizes.

GoDaddy's Steven Aldrich, GoDaddy's chief executive officer of Business Applications, says this is a new addition to the Office 365 suite, one of the two jointly developed businesses. GoDaddy's other blueprints - Business Essentials and Productivity Plus from GoDaddy - are Microsoft copies themselves as Office 365 Small Business or Office 365 Small Business Premium.

In the former case, it provides email host and more disk capacity, as well as Internet Explorer support for Microsoft's browser-based Microsoft applications. This latter agreement extends 2007 licenses of Microsoft Mobile 2007 to include Microsoft Mobile 2013 (Windows) and Microsoft Mobile 2011 (OS X), a monthly upgrade to Microsoft Mobile 2011, and a monthly upgrade to Microsoft Mobile 2013 (Windows) and Microsoft 2011 (OS X), which extends Microsoft Mobile 2013 (Windows) and Microsoft 2011 (OS X) to include a monthly upgrade licence that allows users to deploy the software to up to five PCs local to Microsoft Mobile 2011, as well as the right to run the iPhone, Android tablet and smartphone version of Microsoft Mobile 2011.

GoDaddy and Microsoft both bill $12.50 per person per month for Productivity Plus/Office 365 Small Business Premium. However, the discrepancy between the rates for Business Essentials and Office 365 Small Business is striking: The GoDaddy pricing is $9 per person per months for its release, while Microsoft's pricing is only $5 per person per months for a 44% Saving.

While Aldrich confirmed that Business Essentials was a feature-forfeature fit for Microsoft's Office 365 Small Business, he checked three bonuses in GoDaddy's offers. "Every schedule is a one-click set-up, really one-click," said Aldrich, quoting the choice and registry of domains as well as the proposal for an email site. And GoDaddy has built a customized administration console for its Office 365 user base designed specifically for small business proprietors, and will offer round-the-clock 24x7 customer service.

"Aldrich said, "We think it's the right value for all of this," from the $9 per person and monthly Business Essentials rate.

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