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godaddy buys email

Get a free professional email address in GoDaddy. When you click Buy More SMTP Relays, complete the purchase process. From the drop-down menu of your email provider, select GoDaddy from the list.

Get email address with GoDaddy?

Below is a recent email I received from GoDaddy regarding the latest upgrades/extensions. With effect from 21 June 2002, the transfer of title to Domainnames is FREE of charge. Previously, the transfer of property costs $9.95 and requires certain hard copy documentation to be duly authenticated and endorsed. In order to make a property switch, simply login to "Manage My Domains" and modify the appropriate information about the name ( usually the Registrant and Admin information).

In order to ensure your safety and avoid you becoming a victim of nonsense, we do two things when you apply for a property deed. First of all, immediately before the property is actually transferred, we email the holder of the name to inform them that the transaction has taken place within our system.

Secondly, we "block" this domainname in our system for 60-day. You may not assign the Go Daddy name to another Go Daddy member during this period. It will allow the previous holder of the name to notify us if it should not be transfered, and we will cancel the transaction if we are notified.

With this new Privacy Statement, it is very important that you ensure that your email addresses are kept with us and that you regularly review your email addresses. Now you can buy 5 email forwarding packages for each Go Daddy registrated Domainname for only 99 Cent per package and year.

You can buy as many packages as you like! Most of our clients have asked for the possibility to buy email redirection along with their registeredomainnames. You can now do this easily by going to the "Manage Your Domain" section and click on the appropriate links. Redirect allows you to redirect anything sent to one email to another.

Let's say you buy a domainname named "". When you buy an email in order to supplement it; let's call it Then you can make 5 email redirects for only 99 Cent which put the "funnel" into this adress. People could then send you an email at and you would get it at your

Do you see how precious email redirection can be?

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