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The Godaddy Co

( Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. ). With GoDaddy, .CO becomes the standard for new domain name.

Domainnames with the ending.COM are scarce, so the beloved GoDaddy Registry has modified the standard extensions from .COM to .CO - a signal that the alternatives to .COM are already dynamic. Remember that you can still registrate domains with the ending.COM - they're just not the standard anymore, and nowadays you're in luck if your first (or second or third) option isn't already made.

CO is more expensive, but it is issued and terminated in the same way as .COM and is already recognisable to the user in some jurisdictions (e.g. the UK and Japan), making it a useful option if any desired .COM holds either a legal business or a fixed sqatter.

Tweeters is using a .CO expansion for its web hosting services, and has recently started a marketing drive to advertise its alternate web site at "". Updated: .CO addresses were just a test, and GoDaddy has returned to .COMs. However, this did not prevent folks from tracking down the truncated domainname during the short windows when it was available.

The GoDaddy only tested standard, goes back

GoDaddy, the world's biggest registry provider, created a sensation last night when it started to instead of .com as its standard choice. In fact, GoDaddy has already changed back as standard. As reported by Wire Male Network, GoDaddy often performs such testing, although it is usually used to evaluate how price changes impact the degree of adjustment.

Colombia's country-specific TLD (Top Level Domain), .co-domains, became available worldwide in July of this year.


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