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GoDaddy and PayPal may have charged a man his "$50,000" Twitter account.

For about seven years Naoki Hiroshima had a rarely used Twitter account. In spite of many attacks attempting to stolen his @N trade over the years, Hiroshima had succeeded in preventing anyone from accessing the account. "Hiroshima explained that at luncheon on January 20, 2014, I got an SMS from PayPal for a unique validating number.

"Someone tried to rob my PayPal account. Whilst the assailant had no direct contact with Hiroshima's PayPal account, he managed to impersonate a PayPal agent and persuade the payment company to telephone Hiroshima's last four numbers. These numbers are usually quite pointless on their own, but the assailant has verified them on the telephone with GoDaddy.

In Hiroshima, GoDaddy was used to hoster his own domains and e-mail addresses so that the attackers could take full command of the domains and gain full use of the Hiroshima e-mail addresses. "It' s difficult to determine what is more scandalous, the fact that PayPal gave the assailant the last four numbers of my plastic number on the telephone, or that GoDaddy took it as confirmation," says Hiroshima.

Quickly realizing that his @N Twitter account was at the center of the assault, Hiroshima was able to modify the e-mail associated with the account before the assailant could modify the DNS records for hisomainname. Aggressor endangered Hiroshima's Facebook account, but could not get @N Twitter handling due to secret e-mail exchange.

Hiroshima got bogged down with full oversight of all of Hiroshima's GoDaddy sites and the refusal of support from the Registry because all information was exchanged. "I' d also like to tell you that your GoDaddy TLDs are in my possession," says reading an e-mail from the assailant to Hiroshima, threatening that they could be taken back by GoDaddy and "never seen again".

" Given the prospects of loosing all his domain names and the story of a similar assault on wired journalist Mat Honan, Hiroshima surrendered to blackmail and provided the @N credentials in return for his GoDaddy account. Attackers then emailed their methodologies and quickly took full Twitter account management advantage.

It is another worrying case of how small amount of data can be used by a hacker to violate a service to get desired tweeters hash. In Hiroshima, we warn others not to let PayPal or GoDaddy save your information. I will also leave GoDaddy and PayPal as soon as possible. "We have contacted Facebook to see if Hiroshima is assisting you to get back your @N account and we will inform you accordingly.

Updated: Paypal has published a short explanation about this attack on Twitter saying: "Our research has shown that PayPal has NOT disclosed any information about you. "This would be in stark contrast to the initial history published by Hiroshima, who said that Paypal passed the last four numbers of his credential to a hacker so they could get hold of his GoDaddy account.

We will keep an open mind on what Paypal still has to say about its participation in this hack. Updated 2: Facebook says it is "the study of the report", but a spokesman noticed that the company does not make any comments on specific bank accounts. 2: Facebook says it is "the study of the report". Regarding: this http://t. co/bOiuzqvFep event, our inquiry verified that PayPal had NOT disclosed any of your credential information.

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