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# Godaddy Connect

How to connect your domain to your SmugMug site. Connect a GoDaddyomain to your website The GoDaddy calls redirect entries "Forward". There is no need to append or edit A or name server entries. The new GoDaddy domains are shipped with a standard DNA entry and CNAME entry. Please click the Edit icon next to the CNAME entry named "www".

Please be aware that it can sometimes take 24h for GoDaddy to make the changes to the CNAME entry.

When you have done it properly (and GoDaddy has taken the change), you should see this: When the CNAME entry is accurate, insert a re-direct entry. Recording a re-direct will ensure that all your domains are visited without the "www.". are diverted to the full name of your domainname (e.g.

Redirect to: Enter your domainname with "www". If you have configured the redirection properly (and GoDaddy has accepted the change), you should see this: When you need help with any part of this lifecycle, please call the GoDaddy technical staff or our Top Level Domains specialists. Please provide us with a screenshots of your GoDaddy DNS preferences so that we can help you debug them.

Have a GoDaddy domain with your website.

While this is a straightforward procedure, it can be quite bewildering if you have no previous knowledge of how to edit your domains. The GoDaddy technical assistance staff should be able to help you in this case. Then login to your GoDaddy email and click My Products in the top right corner of the screen.

Then browse to the desired domains and click the DNA pushbutton. You should see something similar to the picture below on the Records page. You can click the stylus symbol next to the A record for @. On the Records page, find the CNAME for www and make sure it points to @ as shown below.

Otherwise, just modify it and make the data set display @. There is no need to concern yourself with the other data sets or make changes to them unless you have a so-called AAAA or Quad-A entry. This page allows you to verify that you have an AAAA entry.

The only thing you need to do is to click on the stylus you want to modify, then click on the erase button and validate that you want to erase the data set. So the only thing you need to do in our system is make sure that you have your website posted in youromainname. GoDaddy may take up to 24 hrs to refresh its data with your changes, although it is usually much faster.

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