Godaddy Connect Domain to Hosting

The Godaddy connects domain with hosting

GoDaddy Connect lets you set up your domain automatically or manually by changing the DNS settings in your GoDaddy Domain Manager. Sign in to your GoDaddy account at Step Two: Log in to your godaddy Domain Control Panel and update the name server as in Step One.

For hosting, how can I link to the GoDaddy domain? From the Name Server Settings pop-up window, select the Custom radio button, and then click the Edit Name Servers link.


1 ) Log in to your GoDaddyccount and go to Hosting & SSL > Manager Your Hosting. 2 ) Click the Settings for your website icon. 3 ) Click the Add Domain icon. 4) In the Add Domain window: Choose Specify a domain or sub-domain. Write down the A-entry location specified by GoDaddy.

Select the Aktivieren Sie das Kontrollkästchen Faites de ce domaine le domaine principal de votre compte. 6 ) Make sure that the domain is your main domain. 7 ) Click the Edit for your domain and then Name Servers buttons. 9 ) Go to Modify DNS. 10 ) Click on the editing symbol for the A-entry element.

11) Click OK to validate that you want to modify the A-entry. 12) Adds a new A record: Enter the IP adress GoDaddy. Press the Append Buttons. 13 ) If you have specified with GoDaddy that you want to use "www" for your domain, you must also include a CNAME entry that points to your domain:

Under Edit DNS, under Add new DNS record, choose CNAME from the drop-down list. Enter wwww in the first box. Enter your domain in the second box. Press the Add Buttons.

Showing domain names from Godaddy to Hostgator

Did you buy a domain name from Godaddy and want to hosting it on Hostgator? This is a step-by-step tutorial to point Godaddy domain to HostGator hosting. The Godaddy is a favorite domain registrar. There are only a few domain names on Godaddy, and all these domain names are housed on Hostgator Hosting.

This means that the domain is still on Godaddy and my websites are still on Hostgator. The same can be done by modifying the domain name servers from Godaddy to Hostgator. Here I will tell you how to modify the nameserver to Godaddy and refer to Hostgator. As soon as you have done that, you should start reading my manual about the Hostgator Addon Domain to be able to attach it to your Hostgator user interface.

Please note: If you have used your Godaddy domain as your prime domain to purchase Hostgator hosting, you do not need to append it as an add-on domain. Hostgator Baby & Businessplan offers beginners the possibility to upload websites without limits. This means you don't have to buy hosting for new domain names.

Point Godaddy Domain to hostgator tutorial: Prior to logging into your Godaddy dashboard, you must find your host gator that hosts nameservers. You can find the name servers details in your hosting gator welcome e-mail, or you can log in to the hosting gator cPanel to find the name servers. In the cPanel below you will find your I. P. & Name servers.

All we need in this case is the nameserver detail. The above screenshots show my name servers: As soon as you have your Hosting Name servers with you, you only need to do the following: Log in to your Godaddy domain managers and modify the domain name servers to point to Hostgator. Log on to your Godaddy Dashboard: From the Domain Managers page, choose the domain name for which you want to modify the domain name.

To open a display like this, click Set name server: Choose Customizing and click on Add NameServer: In the next page, insert the name of the HostsGator NameServer you received in stage 1 (above): If you click Ok & your Godaddy domain will be referenced to your hosting gator hosting.

Please note: If you upgrade the domain name server, it will take a few moments to an hour for the name server to spread over the entire web. As soon as you have referred your domain to the Hostgator accounts, you must now include it as an add-on domain. This is not necessary in the case of a domain with a prefix.

Let me know if you have a query about how you can refer domain name servers to your Hostgator accounts. Use the following two tab pages to modify the contents below.

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