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Let me present myself.

Maybe you know me from my GoDaddy years. Perhaps what you don't know is that I am also a marine, an businessman, an investors, an American economic manager and a humanitarian. On November 10, the United States Marine Corps celebrates its 2nd anniversary, followed by Veterans Day on November 11.

Also this year is the thirty-fifth birthday of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, and we have produced a movie to commemorate the men and woman who are defending this great land of ours. The FosterEd Arizona, an organisation committed to the improvement of the completion rate and outcome of children's lives in nursing homes, has won a US$500,000 Grant from the Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation.

This scholarship will enable FosterEd to take full benefit of the Foster Youth Education Success Fund in Arizona, which enables government grants to provide up to US$500,000 in humanitarian financing.

5 star music makeover: Independent artist guide for singers.... - Coreen Sheehan, Anika Paris, Bobby Borg, Eric Corne, Michael Eames

Books & DVDs). To be successful in today's musical industries, performers first have to work a lot independently. Now, for the first truly, there is an priceless asset to help you master these challenging times. is an all-in-one, appealing makeover tool specifically developed for budding performers.

Improve your voice production/technique; (2) Write unforgettable and commercially available tunes; (3) Record your definitive XP; (4) Navigate the publisher's universe; and (5) Promote your musical performance efficiently. In addition, there are insider tales and anaecdotes, useful hints, imaginative drills, prominent personality interviewing and all the hands-on knowledge necessary for a fruitful musical carrier.

The Five Star Music Makeover is a full and handy careers book that turns performers from good to great.

So, you want to be a talent agent. All you need to know to... - "Tom ""Wolf"" " Elliott

This is a down-to-earth, comprehensive manual on all aspects of setting up and operating a small, locally based Talent Bookings company, authored by someone who has been doing this successfully for over 30 years. It' s all here to find the talents, how to develop a client base, how to apply for yourself, the deals you need, and a intriguing glimpse of where you can go from here, inclusive of becoming a modelling salesman, a TV production company, an author, a recording production company and much more.

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