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class="wysiwyg-font-size-large">troubleshooting To allow your users to reach your target pages without having to enter the prefix'www', you must set up a re-direct to move them from '' to ''. In order to do this in GoDaddy: Sign in to your Account Manager and click the Account Manager blue tab;

on the next page, click the Start bar next to your account to open your account listing; on the next page, check the box next to the name you want to forward; click the forward bar next to the chosen name, and then click Forward Name.

The Forward and Mask dialogue opens; in this dialogue you set up the forwarding to forward users from MBYDOMAIN.COM to instead; click OK and let the changes take effect. Now, instead, users who are accessing will be diverted to . GoDaddy will display a warning that explains the error if it encounters an error when saving your zonefile.

You will normally see this when you try to create a CNAME entry for a sub-(...) that already has an existent A-entry. Most of the time this is the case when you try to create a CNAME entry for your "www" slave name. In order to fix this, remove the A entry for your "www" sub-directory and then create the CNAME entry as described above.

Join a GoDaddy with Shippo - Shippo - Shippo - Shippo

In order to link your GoDaddy shop to Shippo, you must first begin in your GoDaddy account. The shop must be public / online and you must have at least one order. You can only link 1 GoDaddy shop to a Shippo account. When you have several GoDaddy shops, you will need a Shippo account for each of them.

As soon as your shop is linked, you can click on "Get Shipping Label" to complete a current order in GoDaddy. This will take you to your Shippo dashboard where you can create shipment tags and keep tabs on your shipment. And Shippo will execute your orders within GoDaddy as soon as a tag is generated in our system.

Please note: Only GoDaddy US locations can be linked to Shippo. To join your GoDaddy shop, please complete these steps: Register with GoDaddy and click on "Get Shipping Label" for a free order. Then you will be forwarded to the page Shippo Login. And if you don't have a Shippo account yet, click on "Login" and obey the instructions to create a new Shippo account.

When you have an account with Shippo, please log in with your account information. Once registered, you will be redirected to the Orders page, where you will see your orders that GoDaddy has been importing. REMARK: If you do not see the "Get Started" pushbutton in Activity 2 or are not redirected to the Shippo Dashboard, please read this article:

"GoDaddy connectivity troubleshooting". Shipping will synchronize your orders every lesson. To view your orders earlier, you can synchronize them visually by pressing the "Synchronize orders" icon at the top right of the Orders page.

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