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Calling GoDaddy: Use the toll-free number below to contact customer service for technical support and domain help. Annual salaries in the USA. The GoDaddy DNA is driven by a commitment to collect more and better data, use it more effectively and maintain customer relationships.

The GoDaddy Customer Support Representative Salaries in the USA

Appropriate payment and social security contributions, call centre environments, hard-to-movement layers and retail outlets are the most important of these. Well, I loved being a customer support representative at Godaddy. It was fun to help clients with all their commercial needs and trouble shooting problems. Godaddy is a relaxed brokplatz with good performances and payment.

I would typically spend my days answering customer phone and doing my best to support them.

Learning from the GoDaddy customer revolt

At the end of October 2011, GoDaddy (a web host ) announced its endorsement of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). GoDaddy's pro-SOPA attitude message came out on Redditon 22 December 2011 and then became viral. GoDaddy's pro-SOPA attitude message came out on Redditon 22 December 2011. In a few short weeks, clients had protested by moving over 72,000 names from GoDaddy's website and declaring 29 December 2011 "Move Your Domain Away from GoDaddy Day".

Though GoDaddy half-heartedly withdrew SOPA's assistance within a single working days of the Reddit mail, the customer uprising went on. More and more applied to policy revolution, this doctrine suits the GoDaddy customer uprising well. When the Reddit mail alerted people to GoDaddy's endorsement of SOPA, the message quickly spilled across pop blog posts to target people.

In addition, blogging, Twitter and other online news coverage made it clear that a riot was underway, assuring GoDaddy clients that their protest would be heared. The GoDaddy is expected to be hosting about 32,000,000,000 domainnames, so 72,000 exits may not be directly significant. However, the rebellion against GoDaddy included some tent clients (such as Wikipedia and the Cheezburg domains) and damaged the GoDaddy name.

GoDaddy's refusal to back SOPA's assistance would suggest that the protests did not leave the host firm unimpressed. Now GoDaddy is serving as a case in point to prevent unsuccessful revolts, and the long-term effects of GoDaddy's failure to reassure its clients are still not known. What can be done to prevent customer upheaval?

First of all, you know the risks of revolt: When your clients are media or technology aficionados, they can focus your efforts and co-ordinate rebel-plan. If your products have tight substitute, your clients can let you down at low costs. And GoDaddy was suffering from these two weaknesses. GoDaddy's clients, all website owner, are technical experienced.

In the meantime, many alternate domains hosters provide similar service like GoDaddy's. GoDaddy's transition to a new hosted service is usually low and some of its rivals (such as have further reduced customers' transition expenses by making promotions during the turbulence. Revolt often follows certain capital measures that thwart or deprive a large part of the customer base of its rights.

Your clients need you to have a good enough understanding of them to be able to make predictive choices and to be cautious. It has been widely disputed because it is believed that it will hinder both freedom of expression and on-line innovations. Several GoDaddy clients are particularly susceptible to SOPA's risk because they derive their own success from open on-line communications.

It' especially important that you get close to the clients of the festival tent and reassure them as these clients are best placed to help you put out fires of uprising. When GoDaddy recognized its customers' grievances, the GoDaddy Exodus was advertised through on-line messages and via popular networks. Leaders like GoDaddy and Wikipedia had already said they were planning to move their domain names elsewhere.

GoDaddy did not react conclusively: it has withdrawn its endorsement of SOPA, but did not exclude that it would endorse a revision of the law.

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