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Customer email from Godaddy

GoogleDaddy works with expert cloud professionals to deliver Office 365 to small business. GoogleDaddy worked with SkyKick to help streamline email migrations to Office 365 and extend the scalability of the application to millions of people. Now, all small businesses can use email and production professionals without IT headsaches, while GoDaddy can get new clients and substitute the cost of supporting them with new sales opportunity.

Opto-metrologists and caf├ęs; specialist agents and trendy shops; craftsmen and lighting designers; specialist shops and grocery shops in the neighbourhood; they all vie on the same electronic market place as everyone else. The GoDaddy solution is designed to help small companies create, thrive and prosper by simplifying the way they do businesses. Companies around the globe use GoDaddy to go live, create Web sites and use other cloud-based enterprise applications that are simple to use and maintain, yet still deliver the power and professionalism they need.

The GoDaddy customer franchise is large and does not use domain-based email or an outdated, costly service provider - clients whose organizations could take advantage of cloud-based Office 365 business intelligence capabilities. You know and rely on Office productivity- and email applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook, and they're drawn to cluster advantages that include less human capital for technology maintenance, automatic updating, and lower, more predictable outlays.

However, many of these small companies fear that the move to the clamp will be too troublesome, take too long, or demand technological knowledge they simply don't have. "What we needed to think about was how to simplify the Office 365 migrating process to make it fast, easy and reliable," says Wasti.

"With GoDaddy, we have developed a backend application that allows our clients to go to the GoDaddy website, licence Office 365 and plan their migrations - all in a few clicks," said Chris Rayner, vice president of product management at SkyKick. GoDaddy's mission is to provide companies with a straightforward, smooth and dependable IT environment that is focused on customer satisfaction and full customer service.

The GoDaddy engineering and customer service team worked with SkyKick to improve the SkyKick APIs and develop an automatic but agile migrating solution for GoDaddy clients. SkyKick technologies were also incorporated into the daily GoDaddy customer care staff washboards. GoDaddy now eliminates unnecessary interruptions to your operations and provides you with a trusted, technologically complete and reliable email migrating solution, email and production messaging as well as up-to-date Office 365 service.

Your companies look more proffesional and run better - without the IT-headache. "The GoDaddy Office 365 migrations offer allows our clients to do what they want to do again: run their business," says Wasti. GoDaddy saw the SkyKick email migrationservice helping increase the overall effectiveness of the Office 365 offerings.

The GoDaddy solution can deliver cost-effective, high-quality offerings to existing and new clients while creating customer loyalty and utilization capabilities that result in renewal and customer lifetime value. "Giving our clients a fast and simple way to get up and running with Office 365 enables us to improve customer commitment, which in turn increases customer loyalty and longevity," says Wasti.

At SkyKick, we believe that the GoDaddy relationship will help us seize an amazing chance for our company to innovate and grow. Mr. Farrell points out that there are more than 500 million prospective global customers in the global cloud and that early adoptive experience with migration to the next generation clouds and Office 365 will help clients become more open to extra clutch ware even in demanding, large-scale outlooks.

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