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From desktop to mobility I had 3 images with text underneath. Inside the portable application, the images were displayed in a line and then the text was displayed. I' ve added a form that covers the first picture with the text below it, and so on. Then the text and then the form behind it.

You can see what the portable one looks like now. Above all, the text followed the first three images. But now I am building a new website and have a new issue that in my opinion is related to the theme I have chosen. So, if anyone has a solution to this issue, I'd like to know what it is.

Try a form behind the contents you want to have together.

Web Site Builders Desktop to Mobile Tutorial Lesson

The GoCentral web builder, which can't really be changed to act more like a portable website, I think is the solution. But that' s what I found out for vi7 so far: 1) Pasting a form is like making a wildcard for what you place above it.

When all the elements for which you want it to be a wallpaper have been outlined in color scheme are in the boxes, it will be shown in the boxes on your portable website. 2 ) The cyan contours define the order in which the information appears on your portable website. Sorry, each text field or image border appears as a seperate layer in your phone.

Or in other words, theobile site does not show speakers next to each other on your desktop: all speakers go from top to bottom without overlapping, except number 1 at the top. Whilst this is shitty, you can rig it to be fine for both the desktop and portable versions.

Mobilize picks up these crates 1. from top to bottom and then from right to left. 1. from top to bottom and then from right to left. 1. from top to right. When I have a form, then an image within the form boundaries, then a text field also within the form boundaries, then there are a few ways to order things. For example, if the right border of an image is above the right border of the text field, and the right border is above the right border of the text field, it will display Form, Image at the top, and Form and Text at the bottom will also display Form.

Mobile Form shows the image at the bottom and inside the form, and text at the top above the image also shows the image inside the form. Every one of the edges outside the mold that is marked is stepped over or under the mold.

3 ) You can separate textboxes from each other by inserting spaces above and below the text of your textbox. You' ll have to go back and forth and look at the portable previews to see how you can make it look good on both sides. Also, you must use the SPACEBAR to move the text in your User Box to the right to customize its motion in Move.

However, you can move the same boxes (according to rule 1 and 2) on your desktop and it will not move on your phone. Whenever you make a modification, you must display a pre-view of the portable website. The default template, however, has form sequences that already comply with the above rule, so it may be simpler than trying to get your currently beautiful website up and running.

Now you can modify the form and order of things and then use the portable previews to see what works for both. I will try to try to add more when I find out, hopefully I can start the new website soon. You could just create seperate pages on your Web Builder to be specifically for your phone, but it's much more enjoyable this way.

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