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# Godaddy Dns

You can use the DNS Manager to change the DNS settings for your domain. After logging in to the GoDaddy administration area, you can use the Domains drop-down menu to navigate to your domains. Showing domain names on the flywheel of GoDaddy The product is intended for those who have bought GoDaddy administered domain names. Every website has an IP on Flywheel, with which it can refer to a specific area. It is useful if, for example, you own Example com and want it to dissolve to a flywheel page.

In the Flywheel Sitemap, in the section Topics, insert the name of the website you want to show on Flywheel. Change the name of the top level Domain to primar. The system performs a serial search for the old and replaces it with the new one. Any nonprimary domaines are also redirected to the primarydomain with a 301 reduct.

Write down the name of the server that Flywheel provides you with. Now, your i. p. D. Is gonna be a different bunch of numbers. After logging in to the GoDaddy admin area, you can use the dropdown list "Domains" to browse to your desired GoDaddy name. Locate the dominion you want to show on flywheel. There is a good possibility that you will see several datasets here, especially if your domainname has been referred to another one.

At the moment, we will only deal with the A-name dataset described below, as it is the dataset that is in charge of referring your domains to your website. Use caution when changing or erasing other data sets - especially MX data sets that are in charge of e-mail. The GoDaddy uses wildcard icons to display parts of its DNS management system.

It is the basic configuration of your domains. It is a wildcard entry. GoDaddy's standard setting is to create @ (the router of your domain) as an unique A-entry, which must all be modified to point to your website. In addition, for sub-domains, GoDaddy does not ask you to enter the whole domains for each area.

Choose the currently existing data set A Name. You can click the Modify button (looks like a pencil) to modify the data set. Then, in the Points to box, process this A-name data set with the@ icon as the host and your flywheel IP location. If you don't have a set up like, you should probably only need an A-record value.

Make sure at least that you have only one A entry with an @ as your flywheel IP and that this is pointing to your flywheel IP so that it fits. Verify that the data modification has been refreshed and point to the IP of the flywheel of your website.

Those readings are stored in a log, so you'll probably be done by then. Nice work! Adjustment for each data to 1h. When you want to accelerate things, you can choose a lower TTL value, but make sure you do this for at least an hours or more before editing the remainder of your data sets.

Now your domainname should point to your flywheel page. Send us a screenshots of your DNS entries or make your actual registration available to us.

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