Godaddy Dns Settings

GOODADDY Dns Settings

Learn how to change your DNS settings in GoDaddy. The article takes you step-by-step through every detail of setting up your domain name settings, provided your domain name is registered with GoDaddy. Set up your DNS with GoDaddy SECOND This tutorial will guide you through every detail of configuring your GoDaddy website settings. So if you are looking for an outline of what you need to do, instead of the Blow-by-Blow guide for GoDaddy user, you will find the Set Your DNS item. Go to the lists of your top-level and top-level addresses in one way or another.

GoDaddy does this in several ways, and changes its UI often. Press the Launch icon to the right of your name. Or, you can select Administer My Areas from the dropdown menu and select Areas. You should now see the dropdown menu. Select the domainname you want to create.

You should now see the page with the details of the domain: Under Forward, click the Manage Web page shortcut. The Forward and Mask dialogue box appears: Suppose you are not already redirecting this domainname, you should see a hyperlink saying "Add now". You will see the Create Outlook window and the Create Outlook window:

Type the wwww in the Forward to box for the name of the domain. We have to process the current DNS entries now. Select the DNS Zone File tab: Let's begin with the A-entry for " @ ", which is the IP adress for the IP adress of the source or Apache domains ( 1, this is the IP of the GoDaddy redirect servers.

Your system should adjust this settings when you activate redirection, but in our wisdom it is not. So, if the A R ecord for the @ is not 50.63.202. 1, and then click the Modify for @A entry link: Also, type 50,63,202. For the www CNAME entry, click the Modify button:

The Edit Zone Record dialogue box appears: When you click Proceed, the Edit Zone Data Set dialogue box closes. If you make changes to your name server or your domains routing settings, make changes to the Site Masters for this information for your Web site. However, usually the changes spread within an hours or two and sometimes within a few moments (although GoDaddy recently seems to take an hours or two just to start spreading the changes across the net).

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