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GoDaddy: Check Your Domain - Administrators Help with Gu Suite Only use these statements if the auto validation procedure is unsuccessful. To keep this easy to read, please extend the step-by-step guide in this section and try printing it out to reference it as you go through the validation procedure. What is the purpose of verifying? When you log on, you get the verified data set in the Setup Wizard. Wasn' in the setup wizard?

To find the verify data set, go to Find the Suite Setup Wizard. Copying your unambiguous verifying data set will take you back to this item and go to the 2nd step: Log in to your domain hosting. Copy the complete clear validation set from the Value/Answer/Destination area. Tip: If you need a CNAME entry instead of a TXT entry, click in the Setup Wizard in the Create new TXT entry for your domain stage on Create CNAME entry.

You copy both parts of this data and insert them into the DNA entries of your domain. On the Verify your domain and setup e-mail page in the Setup Wizard, click the Verify your domain and setup e-mail to open the login page for your domain hosting in a new tabs. Please note: If the setup wizard does not contain a shortcut to your domain, open the GoDaddy site in a new tabs.

On the first page, keep the Setup Wizard open. Please fill in the user name or client number and your login code you generated when you bought your domain from GoDaddy. From the My Products page, next to the domain you want to check, click Domain Name (DNS). Expand the directions for the kind of verifying data set you want to include in your domain DNA entries.

Specify @ in the Host box. Insert the complete text set you copy in the Text box intep 1. Do not change the standard value in the TTL box. Choose CNAME from the Types group. Insert the content of the Label / Host box of the CNAME entry fromtep 1 in the Host box.

Insert the content of the Destination / Target of the CNAME data set fromtep 1 in the Points to fields. Do not change the standard value in the TTL area. Go back to the setup wizard. Select the I have stored the verify record or click Verify to verify.

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