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Gottaddy Domain Booking

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Start-Up Step-by-Step Instructions on Connecting Domain Name - Home Page

How can I get help configuring my domain? What information should I make available for my ISP to contact for assistance? The following is a general guide to connecting your domain to WebDirect. There are also special step-by-step guides for the most popular domain service provides such as GoDaddy, 1&1, GoogleDomain and the CPanel system.

Please follow the following instructions to setup your domain: Stage 1: When adding your domain to your web directonce account where you are signed in to WebDirect, browse to the Domains page in the Settings page. Paste your domain by pressing the orange "Add +Domain" icon. Once your domain is registered, click the'Save' link at the bottom right of the page to store your changes.

Find out more about how to create and maintain your domain names in WebDirect. Stage 3: Accessing your domain service providers Go to your domain service provider's website and sign in to your area. As soon as you are signed in, you will find the domain settings area for your domain. If you don't know your ISP, you can look him up on your domain - see articles here.

In your domain provider's Config section, locate the preferences for Data Set A and modify them to WebDirect's IP address as the target. Occasionally, you may need to choose the A item from a check or drop menu. Use the ''@'' icon as the icon for A entry.

Stage 5: Specify your CNAME entry. In the Domain Providers Setup section, search for the CNAME entry in your preferences. After you have made all changes to your domain service providers, go back to the WebDirect'Domains' page on the Preferences page.

Make your domain your prime domain and then post your website to make sure all changes are stored - see instructions here. Notice: It can take up to 48 hrs until your WebDirect website is linked to your domain name. This can be tested by entering your domain in your webbrowser.

In case you have trouble configuring your domain, you should contact your domain service company for assistance. Below is a guide to what information you should divide when you contact the technical assistance group. Who is my domain service provider? What information should I make available for my ISP to contact for assistance?

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