Godaddy Domain Email

The Godaddy Domain Email

GoDaddy is what I use because I know that it includes email forwarding for domain purchases. To set up the GoDaddy domain to work with your *personal* Google Mail Once I purchased a domain from GoDaddy and used it with my Gmailccount. Everything free of cost (except the domain itself). There are 100 GoDaddy free email redirects, but this feature is not activated by setting the GoDaddy name. When you don't know anything about it, you go to the email set-up and Godaddy will suggest you buy a month schedule (well done Godaddy, so user-friendly ?


Please allow some waiting before setting up email forwarder. You' re fantastic! GoDaddy tells you this here (cache), but doesn't tell you where to begin (well done godaddy, well done). There is a good way for Google to describe how to set up the "Send email as" function. Nearly all Google-Search links speak about Google Apps instead of Google Account Name.

GoDaddy, you're welcome!

This is the simplest way to send e-mails with a domain name.

I' m often asked by a lot of folks how to email domain-owners. So for example, if they had the domain, they are wondering if they can email that comes from Email addresses that include your company's domain name are more professionally than generics that end on,,, or, and the good thing is that they're really simple to reach!

But if you follow Step 1-3, your domain email will still be forwarded to your email adress, you simply can't answer "as" that email adress (it looks like it came from your account). If you already have the domain you want to use, please bypass this step.) First, purchase the domain name you want to use.

GoDaddy is what I use because I know that it includes email redirection for domain sales. When using another domain register, make sure it offers this function before you buy the domain. It works best with Gmail, so if you don't have an email address yet, use Google to do it. Now go to your GoDaddy Accounts dashboard and find the Email Products section.

Choose your domain and click Configure. The next window will either show a popup labeled "Forward Email" (First Times Setup), or it will take you to your Email Workspace Control Center. In the Control Center of the e-mail workspace, a "Create Forward" pushbutton is available, which then opens the "Forward e-mail" pop-up window.

Press this icon, enter the email that you want to generate, and forward it to your Gmail emailbox. Here's what your desktop will look like after it's been added: Next, sign in to your Gmail emailccount. At the top right of the display, click the sprocket and choose Preferences.

Enter your name and the email in GoDaddy that you used to create. Click on âSend verificationâ to email yourself. In a few seconds, review your email box at your local email box and you should see an email to make sure you have this new email adress. To review your new email please click on the email containing the appropriate links.

Your Gmail email will now be associated with the email addresses you create for your domain. You can now choose your domain for the e-mail when creating e-mails. Best of all, you can finish this off with several domain name! In your preferences, make sure that you have chosen Reply from the same email to which the email was sent.

If you use email on your mobile I suggest using the Gmail application so that you can also respond as email with your domain name and not as your Gmail adress.

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