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Build your own mobile app for hosting and domain. Use your custom domain with any standard e-mail hosting service. Your authorization code will be sent to your admin email address. In order to initiate the domain transfer, send the authorization code to the other party. Actually I plan to use it for business purposes and the godaddy email was unreliable.

What can I do to get my domain email in email host?

In order to gain control of your domain email in Email Hosted, please complete these steps: Choose the Hosted page from the Home screen. In the Edit Website section, click the Edit Website button. Right-click the "Mailbox" button in the top pane. Your email adresses should be visible on this page. You can click an e-mail e-mail in order to view the folder and preferences of that e-mail adress.

Find out how to change your email addresses in Email Hosted. Would you like to host your email on a different email server?

Does anyone have problems with GoDaddy emailalidation?

When you have the automatic renewal of your Go Daddy domain names, check this out! Don't expect your domain names to be automatically renewed unless you check your email adress! It' a torture, but I found some domain names with misspellings in the email adress. The confirmation email (thank God) went to an email addressed to an undeleted domain.

Go Daddy has mastered this passage VERY badly - without warnings and without clear directions. Can' t see how less seasoned domain holders deal with it. While we have resources, bulletin boards, blog's, and information to share with us, Ma and Pa small business owner are hanged up to drying up and find themselves with insoluble domain name and shops off-line.

Disgrace to Goaddy. Does domain monster, dynadot and dotster perform the validation for you? The new ICANN email domain validation procedure was VERY poor for Go-Daddy, with no warnings and no clear directions. The majority of my acquaintances thought that the confirmation email was a case of phone tagging and ignored it.

{\pos (192,210)}I don't recall listening to anything about this new review except some rather feeble contributions in domain blogging earlier this year. It seems that nothing directly from Go Daddy has been sent to the domain owners that this modification was in progress. Furthermore, there were no directions on how to search within the Domain Administration panel itself for outstanding email validation domain statuses, what to look for error (in this case contact/admin email), or even how to resend email.

from a domain blogs, not from Go Daddy. Actually, this email verifier is a good suggestion - I found some typos email address, but the implementations really leave a great deal to be desired. What I'd like to see is a good one. Can' t see how less seasoned domain holders deal with it.

Domainers person determination means, meeting and diary for cardinal message kind this one, but Ma and Pa Small business businessman faculty be hanged out to season and insight themselves low with inextricable Domain defamation and their commerce. Unclear yet: How are auto-renewal domain name treated? Kickstart Commerce says automatic extensions do NOT work properly with outstanding verify domain numbers or when all outstanding extensions go into email verify state.

Still don't know: Chame on Go daddy for the bad implementation of this ICANN guideline. Gotta get off his entrepreneurial ass and fix this.

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