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You can purchase domain names from the domain name registrars. I would like to start by congratulating you on this very first step and the purchase of your own domain name. Having bought a domain name on and want to be able to run my website on it, where do I go from here?

First of all, I would like to compliment you on this very first move and the purchase of your own domain name. Maybe you could have purchased webhosts and domain names from GoDaddy. However, to be frank, it is not my ultimative advice to get webhosts and domain names from the same ISP.

It is better to obtain both types of service from different suppliers and synchronise them with each other. Working with multiple vendors gives you additional levels of agility for the foreseeable and changing world. I use GoDaddy as my primary domain registrar. I have also used many web hostings in the last 9 years.

It was as easy as 1,2,3 to synchronize both of two different service provider's as one. BlueHost would be my suggestion for webhosting. At as low as $65 in the first year, you can get a very respectable web hosting license along with a free domain name. The following article contains all the information I need to buy and synchronize BlueHost hostings with GoDaddy domain names.

What BlueHost Sharing Housing Plans should I use? You have the option between Windows or Linux hosted. While there are some subtle variations and some not so subtle, there is probably a GoDaddy Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that can help you make your decision. No matter what your "homepage" is, name it by default. htm or index. htm (or .html).

These and other pages are transferred to the GoDaddy servers via FTP. The GoDaddy has its own browser-based FTP clients that you can use, or if you want more controls, you can work with a third-party FTP program such as Filezilla. Writing and uploading the homepage is the first one.

After you have bought your domain from Godaddy, choose a site that offers site management services like SiteGround (recommended for beginners). Login to SiteGround, choose the launch schedule, type in the domain you bought from Godaddy and fill in the bank information, login to SiteGround panel, download Wordpress with Sofaculous.

So, search for the site background name servers in the site background panel, copy them to Godaddy and type the name servers in the DNS preferences. The domain may take a few moments to an hour to point to your site and host. For a website to go online you need 3 parts: domain + web host + website resource.

Well, in that case, you just had the first part, that's your domain name. Also the next step are you should buy web hosting and make a website. By purchasing Domain, you can buy Hoststing from many big boys, such as Godaddy, iPage, Fatcow,... Especially at Godaddy Hosting, you can only buy Godaddy vouchers for $1/month here.

They can buy hosting as easily as you buy the domain. Once you have your domain and your web site hosted, the next thing to do is select the web site resource to create your web site. Here you can go to get the free code for downloading and installing on your hosting: This is the phase at which you have domain, host and a website hosted on it.

Next thing you need to do is refer your domain to your host. Pointing processes are built on every domain register you have bought. See the registration authority documents on the website. Essentially, all you have to do is substitute your standard DNA for your own host DNA provided by your host ISP. To use this technique you need a GitHub balance.

In order to link your GoDaddy domain to a GitHub Pages website, you need to use a very easy method. GoDaddy + GitHub pages. This was the prize for my domain from GoDaddy: Next move is so easy. They can purchase the Godaddy or other web hosters web site plans.

Several of the web-hosting providers are hostinggator, archvixe, bluehost and many more. When you are in the process of studying or just getting started, you can buy share based hosted schemes because they are inexpensive.

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