Godaddy Domain name Registration

The Godaddy Domain Name Registration

Visit and search for the desired domain name (middle part). Ensure that the desired domain name is actually available, otherwise you won't be able to buy it!

Register a domain name with GoDaddy - Schritt für Schritt (step by step)

Domainname: What is a domain name? Domainname is a must for a website. One domain name has up to 3 parts: A domain extension is the part that specifies what kind of domain it is. Hope Computer has a complete listing of domain extensions. Domainnames can have www or non-wwww version; both are allowed.

Normally you will tell the searching machines which is better in order to be ranked in their index. With Google Webmaster Tools, you can choose your favorite domain. Domainnames can be acquired at the registries for domain name. Its name . com is considered the most renowned, although it is more difficult to find a good name that has not yet been awarded.

When you are located in the UK, you can choose a .co. uk domain name. They can buy variations for your domain name with other extensions, usually to prevent other persons from using them. When one or more of them are not available and you really want them, consider choosing a different domain name.

Keep your domain name brief and memorable. If you can, try to prevent dashes in your domain name. Do not buy hosted services from your domain name registration agent. Domain name registrars usually make good domain names host poorly. It' much simpler to move your host or domain if they are from different vendors. Improved safety - when your domain and your host are in one place and you are compromised, the hacker gets full command of both.

The GoDaddy is one of the best known registries for domain names that I will use here as an example. The GoDaddy has good pricing, but is not the easiest to use. Notice that I am using the British versions of the site to look for and buy a. com and a. co. uk domain.

Visit and look for the desired domain name (middle part). Ensure that the desired domain name is actually available, otherwise you won't be able to buy it! The GoDaddy asks if you want to receive the . com Standard edition. You are also asked if you want to buy the .co. uk and 3 more variations.

Choose the desired domain type. It is important to remember to add the . co. uk domain name at this point if you want the .co. uk, as GoDaddy does not allow you to do this later. Ensure that the page says that the right number of domain names is chosen, e.g. 2 for this example.

The next window will ask you if you want the domain to be protected. As a result, your person-related data is hidden from inspection by persons looking for the holder of a domain. For more information, see the Wikipedia domain protection article. Disregard the hosted and e-mail choices (scroll down the page) and click the Continue to Shopping Cart icon at the bottom.

Sign up to open an affiliate program or sign in if you are already a client. Scour back up and make sure you have the right domain(s). They are registered by standard for 2 years, but you can modify this number to 1, 3, 5 or 10 - it's up to you.

Find out here how the duration of your domain registration can impact your SoEO. The GoDaddy offers you more choices like domain protection (again), more domain names (again), domain certifications and visibilty in searching engines. It is my suggestion to simply get rid of all these add-ons and get the desired domain names.

Hopefully this has help you to find out about the registration of a domain name with GoDaddy.

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