Godaddy Domain Names for Sale

Goodaddy domain names for sale

Auction | Buy & Sell domain names | Buy & Sell domain names Our goal is to make the sale of domain names simple and inexpensive. With our commissions among the lowes in the business, our selection of Basic and Premium offers means your domain will be a cost that best fits your business needs.

While there are no purchaser charges, a one-year extension charge (from the domain's initial expiry date) will be levied when purchasing auctions for expired domain names and value priced names.

When an expired domain is claimed back by the initial domain holder, the tenderer is eligible for a full reimbursement. Offers free of charge include: determination of an immediate purchase price. Start of a 7-day public auction. Comission: Commission: Would you like even more transparency for your domain?

How can I get a domain name that I purchased from GoDaddy to be sold?

Go to the GoDaddy auctions website found in your web browsers. A GoDaddy Bidding Accounts is required to be created by selecting the "Sign Up Now" icon on the right side of the GoDaddy Bidding window. Please be aware that you are not required to make a payment when publishing an offer, but a certain amount is required to become a GoDaddy member.

Be sure to obey the on-screen prompts so that you can supply the information necessary to register a GoDaddy email address. As soon as the bank is opened, login to the website. Navigate and click the "Sell" icon at the top of the page. You can use the Assistant to setup the base bid with the sales prices and the domain name.

Next, you have to delay until a tenderer submits an invitation to tender for the domain name. You will be contacted by GoDaddy as soon as a quotation has been placed. Bidders can begin with a lower rate than listed and here you have the opportunity to negotiate for more cash or similar, you can choose to accept the quote.

Once you have concluded a sales contract, click on the "Sold" section of the domain. Then GoDaddy collects the money and processes the necessary sales form. How to buy a domain name on GoDaddy?

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