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GoDaddy was a new website with low prices in the Dungeon and I started using it ten years ago. GoDaddy Domain Rates Table vs. Google Domains Google launched a privately held version of its new domain registry Google Domain in the 2014 holiday season. Recently they opened Google domain names for use by the general public. ý More than 50% of domain names are currently registrated through GoDaddy, the market leading domain registrar.

By introducing Google domain names many ask what the differences and a price compare between the two is.

In other words, all domain names have a lump sum price, regardless of how many domain names you are registering or for how many years you are registering. GoDaddy on the other side offer different rebates depending on how many domain names you have signed up, 1. year vs. 2. year, new vs. current customers and discounted shopping club.

Large domain buying agents with many domain names can use these kinds of rebates to help their domain buying agents reduce the cost of domain renewal. You can also use Google's "Whois Privacy" free of charge for all your domain names. With GoDaddy this is a function that you have to spend about $7.99 per year per domain. This is a great advantage for Google domain names for those who use data protection in the domain.

TLDs tagged with this star do not contain the annual charge of $0.18 for ICANN. Review each page for current pricing and discount.

Can GoDaddy's Domain discount club be worth the money?

From a good friends of mine I got an e-mail asking if the GoDaddy's Domain Discount Club is worth buying for him. Answer ing this questions and help everyone find out if GoDaddy's Domain Discount Club makes money. I am Michael Cyger, and I am here to help you become a more lucrative domain name developer.

One of my start-up entrepreneurs and good friends sent me an e-mail asking me if the GoDaddy Domain Discount Club was worth buying or if it was a wastage. GoDaddy's Domain Discount Club is like a Costco member - you pays an annual subscription in advance and then gets privileged product discounts.

For GoDaddy, you will be charged $119.88 per year and can sign up and renew domain name for 20 to 60 per cent on the regular retailer price. The GoDaddy Domain Discount Club advertises as $9. 99 per month, but you have to buy it for 12 monthly periods, so it's really $119. 88 per year.

Well - for simplicity's sake we suppose that my friend's 75 domain name were all .com. The GoDaddy will charge $14.99 for periodic retailer extensions and reduce them to $8.29 at the Domain Discount Club. However, just hold on a minute, you also have to spend 18 Cent per domain name for an ICANN charge and then you have to cover the VAT.

So, if my boyfriend was NOT in GoDaddy's Domain Discount Club, he would be paying $15. 17 per. com domain name (which is the $14. 99 price plus the 18 cents ICANN fee), multiplying by 75 domain name, multiplying by 1. 084 (for 8. 4% Washington State VAT), which is $1,233.

However - if my boyfriend would join GoDaddy's Domain Discount Club, he would be paying $8. 47 per. com domain name (that's the $8. 29 price plus the 18 cents ICANN fee), multiplying by 75 domain name, multiplying by 1. 084 (again, for 8. 4% Washington State VAT ), plus the $119. 88 GoDaddy Domain Discount Club annuity, which corresponds to $818.56.

As you can see, my boyfriend saves $414. 76 per year which is in GoDaddy's Domain Club with its 75 domain name extensions. Now for those of us in the business we know that you can go looking for forum discussions like or voucher pages like to find domain name registrations or renew rebate code that will likely work for one or two domain name.

So, if you run a company, you choose GoDaddy as your domain registration agent, you have no spare minute to lose, and you extend at least 18 domain name per year, I suggest that you choose GoDaddy's Domain Bargain Club. I' ve made the GoDaddy Domain Discount Club Breakeven Calculator that you can use with some of the most important top-level domain like . com, . net and . org as well as a catch-all.

another top-level domain checkbox for all your other domain name. Browse down below this movie, or if you are on YouTube, click on the first hyperlink to use the GoDaddy Domain Discount Club Breakeven calculator. So if you want to see the prices of domain with and without Domain discounts, please let me know in the commentaries and I will consider updating the pocket PC port in the near term.

And if you use the voucher key GJCRMN35, you can get 20% discount on the costs of your GoDaddy Domain Discount Club up year. When you find that a discount voucher does not work or you have a better domain discount club discount voucher, write a review and let me know. Please, I do NOT want voucher for GoDaddy, only for GoDaddy discount club.

After all, I have no connection to GoDaddy, except that some of my domainnames are registered with GoDaddy. I am not getting any compensation for the voucher codes shown on this page or for the creation of this Domain Discount Club Breakven Calculator. Hopefully this machine and this tutorial have helped you with your domain name activity.

I am Michael Cyger and I am here to help you become a more lucrative domain name developer.

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